Recent hauls MAC and Elite Paris

I've  recently bought a two pretty makeups from MAC and Elite Paris(drugstore brand) last week.I was actually planning to bought the Rose Quarts from the Semi Precious Collection but  apparently all  of them are out of stock already:( The MUA recommended  the  mineralize blush in dainty instead.I couldn't resist how pretty it looks on my cheeks when she applied it. The price  was  a bit pricey (95RM) compared to  the powder blush (65RM). I just hate the fact that the MAC's price here in Malaysia is way too expensive than the US price:( Darn! But anyways, to kill this cravings for MAC, I've decided to fork out my 95RM and  take this baby home with me ;P So far this is my first blush from MAC,and I do hope they 're worth to  have it.When I passed by to Watson's, I saw a new makeup collection  Elite Paris and curious about their items ( are these  available in your country too?)

Marriot Vacation CLub FriendShare Invitation

Hi everyone:)how are you? I hope  you're all doin' great! No matter how hard we're
 dealing with right now, keep in mind that we can all surpass it. It's just a matter of a little patience, hope and prayers.(*.*)We can do it! So smile and cheer up!:) Life is too short to wake up with regrets, so let's live  life to the fullest :) By the way,I have a good news today, guess what ? Our Hongkong vacation trip  from 20th til 26th was already confirmed! I'm so excited about it,Yey! It's actually my 2nd visit there in case. My hubby decided to use his annual vacation leave this time and we  both decided to pick this awesome country to enjoy our 1 week vacation. At the same time,we can finally redeem our earned membership points privilege in Marriott Vacation Club for the first time after we've joined the club last year. Which means, we can stay in Marriott Hotel or in any interval international hotels which are associated with Marriott for free of charge. Awesome isn't it? So we've  just prepared for our airfare tickets plus a pocket money for shopping spree! Yey! My hubby and I so love to travel, we only got the chance to  know about Marriott Vacation Club when  we're been sent  a  promotion package deal from them last year .They offered  us to stay in Marriott Mai Khao Beach Phuket Thailand  for 4 days and 3 nights for a promotional price of $250 USD (which the original rates cost was around $1200 USD )We didn't pass that opportunity so we grabbed it:) Our experience was indeed a remarkable one. I was stunned how beautiful the place are , the villa was awesome! It was fully furnished of valuable appliances. They got 1  master bedroom plus a huge bathroom, a living and a dining room, balcony,guest room with bathroom as well , a laundry room ,and my most favorite place of all, the kitchen that was fully equipped of  necessary  kitchen wares and utensils. You can do whatever you want in this villa for all the necessary things were complete. It was a totally great place for an excellent get away relaxation.To get an idea of how the villa looks like here are some photos of them from the website. Once I've retrieved our  pictures from it, I'll also post it here as well.

Guest Blogger Post/ Which would you rather wear?

Hi beauties! Just wanna share some fun blog post as a guest blogger for Opal Steven's  Which would you rather wear post she made for me. I just thought of posting it here in my blog as well:)Thanks dear for inviting me to do this:)This is a fun idea:)'til next time babe!
Outfit #1

Some of them gave their thoughts, now let me hear yours,Which would you rather wear?


Recent mini hauls from Elianto Cosmetics ( Korean Brand) + Swatches

MY FABULOUS GIVEAWAYS COUNTDOWN: 5 days more left to enter .Opens International ends on 7th of August UTC/GMT+8 hours KUALA LUMPUR TIME

Hallu everyone'! here's my newest hauls from ELIANTO ( korean makeup brands)
I grabbed it in promo price.They are currently on 50% for selected items and here's what I got:
Elianto Eyeliner Pencil 02 Earth Brown  7RM (Original Price 14RM)
Elianto Stay On Liquid Eyeliner 11 RM (Original Price 22RM )

Elianto Stay On Eyeliner in 02 Dark BrownSwatches below
(Elianto Eyeliner Pencil in 02 Earth Brown)
Swatches below

This is my very first Elianto brand , can't wait for them to try on! Do you have any from this brand?

***Kisses & Love***

Another Blog Award

MY GIVEAWAYS UPDATE:  days more left to enter to my SLEEK MAKEUP fabulous GIVEAWAYS!!! ENTER HERE

Hi everyone! I have received another awesome Blog award from the lovely Cominica of Cominica Beauty Blog . This babe is such an adorable lady, love her porcelain skin like! Stay young and pretty girl!Thanks sweetie for sharing award this with me:)
The Rules:
Worship at the feet (or makeup vanity)
of the person who nominated you and link back to her (or his) blog to your post.

Share 7 FACTS about yourself
Pass the award on to 15 other bloggers
Contact your nominees and let them know you've tagged them.

**** 7 FACTS ABOUT ME******** 
  • Before I started to write a beauty blog, I was once an addict online gamer of Restaurant City in facebook:P
  • I used to work with a Group Musical bands and had a chance to work  overseas  like Japan, Singapore and Vietnam....I miss those fun exciting moments!
  • Loves Japanese, Mexican,Korean, Italian cuisine
  • I love Dark chocolates
  • I'm more comfortable on using sling bags than handbags
  • I love sexy shoes
  • I love watching cartoon movies with my kids:)
I wanna share this award to all of you fellow beauties, 'cuz I know all  of you deserved to receive this. Being a beauty blogger is ain't that easy I know, it takes a lot of time and effort just to share a knowledge on something . And I'm glad that I came to  meet all of you! You are all awesome and a blessing! Thank you for being a listener and a friend!


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