Editorial Policies

Press samples submitted for review are for consideration only. I do not provide any guarantee of review.There will be no post to be submitted to the brand before hand to be examine/supervise.  

All the reviewed products are all mine and purchased with my own money unless otherwise stated.I am not compensated to provide a positive /negative reviews on a products, services, websites and various other topics. Editorial content is not influenced by advertisers, affiliates and public relation firms brands .   My reviews are purely based  on my experiences with the product.  It will be written with all integrity and honesty. My priority will still remain to be truthful to my readers .Please do also note that we all have different skin types and  skin conditions. Please use the products at your own discretion. 

Reviews consist of a rating system, and gives an overall opinion: 
  • A is an excellent/impressive  product   
  • B is a good product 
  • C is an average product 
  • D is a below average product 
Please do not copy, modify, or steal photos from this site without my consent. The Content and Images published by the Blog are protected by copyright.
All logos and trademarks are property of their respective owners. You are welcome to link this blog and to discuss its content in a respectful  manner.Please note also that when you quote or link to this blog, please include the blog's name in your link.

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