kkcenterhk 's Beauty Angel Cosmetics Special Edition Gold Palette Reviews + FOTD

kkcenterhk Beauty Angel Special Edition Perfect Makeup Kit -GOLD
This is just another product from kkcenterhk which was newly released last month from their catalogue. The packaging and the colors was so tempting so I ask Maggie if this was also available for product reviews . Luckily , I was granted to have a free sample of this to review and I  personally pick this Palette in  "GOLD" among the other three colors of BLUE, GREEN, and PURPLE . I love their shipping method, they  securely wrap the product into a bunch of popping bubbles to prevent any damages of it. And finally it came in to my  mailbox in a very good condition.

Front of the Palette
Back of the Palette

With Guidelines and makeup instructions 

CHARMZONE (Korean Brand Skincare Products) REVIEW

Hi fellow beauties! Finally here's my reviews on  Charmzone Skincare sample products that my Korean bff gave me couple of months ago.I  know this post is a very long overdue, but still I wanna give my thoughts about it.

                                            Charmzone   Skin Milk Essence
Photos credited from Charmzone website


This product provides convenience and beauty with skin toner, lotion, and essence in one formula. It is very effective on oily skin.
1. Whitens: Persimmon leaf extract whitens the skin so that it appears cleaner and more transparent.
2. Resilience: Cytokines keep the skin healthy and glowing while the MDI-complex slows the skin¡¯s aging process.
3. Moisturizes: Excellent moisturizers replenish the skin¡¯s moisture levels.
4. Tightens pores: Tightens pores and restores your skin¡¯s resilience and smoothness.

Daiso Japan Hauls

Hallu lovelies! How did you all spend your weekends?Hope you had a great one:) Have you heard about DAISO Japan Store? Well it is basically one stop shop originated from Japan where you can buy stuffs from kitchen wares, living rooms, stationeries, crafting materials, organizers, snacks,  beauty cosmetics, even  puppy accessories ,etc... in just a flat price of  5 ringgit  or ( 1.70 usd) Amazing  isn't it? Most of the items was manufactured  from Japan and the rest came from various countries like Vietnam, Taiwan and China. I love everything here especially when I need something from the kitchen wares , desk/beauty organizers and the stationeries. Prices are incredibly cheap yet the quality is undeniably great..

Here's some of the  items that I've bought,some of it was not included in the photos. All of these costs me around RM110 only..

What excites me the most is my brush holder:)haha,it was actually made for pencils/ballpen holder, but I use it for makeup brushes instead:P What cha think? Cute isn't it? 

I love this store,sometimes I find unique useful things here which I couldn't  find in any other store. Is there any Daiso Store or a similar shop like this to your place?  

***kisses & Love***

kkcenterhk 's Beauty Angel Cosmetics Special Edition in Gold Pallete Swatches

Hi everyone!I've received a parcel today from kkcenterhk which I personally pick for a review purposes.And Guess what's inside of it?
it was carefully wrapped with a bunch of popping bubbles to prevent product damage

Sampar Paris Urban Express Masks Review

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  from Sampar Website(French translated into English)
PRICE: € 29.00 ( approx. 41usd/ 123 rm)
1 box (4 pcs)

-Urban Express Mask (face) moisturizes the skin deep while activating natural defense mechanisms. It has a tightening effect and provides an immediate radiance.It is comfortable and pleasant to use
    • Remove the transparent film.
  • Apply the mask on perfectly cleansed skin.
  • Remove the thin layer.
  • Leave the mask on the face for 20 to 30 minutes and then remove.
Active Ingredients:
  • Floral water rose and linden flower bring sweetness and freshness to the skin.
  • The extract of Caulerpa Lentillifera provides long-lasting hydration
  • Complex Urban Advance, alloy powerful three natural assets (serum Shea, endorphin and probiotic mint sweet) acts as a shield antioxidant that neutralizes all skin imbalances related to pollution, strengthens the natural defenses skin and reactivates the vital energy of the cell.
  • a unique gel type mask which goes deeply and has a cooling sensation that melts into your skin 
  • leaves your face super soft, flawless,tightly firmed and well hydrated
  •  doesn't cause any bumps/breakouts (I have dry combination skin type)
  • has a pleasant scent of rose flower 
  • not locally available  
  • expensive
My Experience:
I got this mask  as a gift from my  sweet korean bff  3 months ago which she ordered directly from Korea. As she was really concerned about my drying skin especially around my eye area.I actually don't have any idea of this brand until she introduced it . According to her, it was famous in most korean women in Korea. And I'm such really grateful to her for giving me a chance to try this one too. This mask is a bit different from the  other masks that I've tried and seen before. It reminds me of the Jelly sweets Gelatine (which my kids loves to eat) when I opened and touch the texture of it. It isn't a typical saturated cloth sheet masks which was common in  a beauty mask.It was actually a jelly type soft mask which really absorbs diligently well  into your skin while  soaking into your face for a couple of  minutes. My friend suggested me to put this on before I sleep and leaves it overnight instead of 30 minutes . When I woke up  the next morning, the result was so impressing! The result was significantly visible.My face was hydrated, tightly firmed  and  incredibly soft & smooth like a baby skin! I honestly love this! The only thing that makes me feel sad about is the price  tag, so steep for a beauty mask .Plus it isn't  locally available here in Malaysia. However, I still love it! it was so promising, really makes you feel beautiful.


Have you tried this before?  Do you also use beauty mask? 

***kisses and love***


FOTD using Sleek Monaco Pallete/Swatches

Hi everyone, I made my FOTD today using my Sleek Mediterranean Collection Monaco Pallete:)

12 Pigmented beautiful colours which inspired by the Mediterranean Sea

My  Mediterranean look:)

-Clinique BB Cream
-Maybelline Angelfit concealer in 02Natural Beige 
-Revlon Age Defying 2-way Foundation w/Botafirm
-MAC Soft&Gentle MSF
-Sleek Mediterranean Monaco Pallete
-kkcenterhk Eyes Chic 842 false eyelashes
-Soap&Glory Arch de Triumph BrowShaper/highlighter
-Clinique Lash Power Volumizing Mascara in Black

-Sasa retractable glittering eyeliner
-Sephora 52 Color pallete
-NYX Lipstick in FIG

Have you tried any of Sleek's Makeup? They are only available from UK drugstores and can be purchase through their online shop at their website. I love Sleek, aside from it's various beautiful pigmented colours, they are very affordable and mineralized makeup which is very safe to use. This is one of their limited edition collection makeup that I love aside from the Paraguaya Collection, that's why I chose this as a gift for my 100 Followers GIVEAWAYS celebration!  If you haven't entered yet, you can submit your entries here.This is open internationally and will ends on 7th of August, Kuala Lumpur Time UTC/GMT +8 hours.
This was not sponsored by Sleek, I'm just one of a big fan of their products that would like to share with you.And proud to say that this was sponsored by my loving hubby(^-*) who keeps on complaining already about my demands in my beauty essential things:):Phaha..that's all for now,Happy Friday and have a great weekend!
**Kisses and smooches**

Benefit Girl Meet Pearls Highlighter Swatches and Reviews

**Enter to my 100 Beautiful Followers Giveaways!This is open worldwide until 7th of August. Hope you won't miss the chance to win an  awesome Limited Edition Pallete from Sleek Makeup! Goodluck lovelies!:)**

Hi everyone! Just wanted to share some reviews about this lovely Girl meet Pearl highlighter which I bought from Sephora SG

Benefit Girl meets Pearl


Product Description from the Benefit website

This soft golden-pink liquid pearl glides on for a breathtakingly luminous complexion. Twist up & pat on over makeup or wear alone for a dewy luxurious lit-from-within glow. It's pure pearly pleasure!
raspberry & chamomile known for their soothing properties
sweet almond seed known for its firming & smoothing properties
sesame seed oil known for its moisturizing properties
product details:

  • 12.0 mL / 0.4 US fl oz.
  • Best Highlighter of 2010 - Real Beauty Gold Star Awards  
retails:  $30 usd/ $55 sgd( Sephora SG)

  • genius packaging (retractable bottle which allows you to controls the exact amount you wish to apply)
  • doesn't break me out (I have combination skin type)
  • gives you an outstanding pearly luminous looking on top of your makeup
  • can even wear alone for natural radiance looking
  • can be mix with your favourite foundation or BB creams to achieve dewy looks
  • greaseless
  • the scent is so divine and tempting( but some may not like for those who prefer scent free makeups)
  • travel friendly
  • expensive

Overall , I love this illuminating makeup, it feels like I'm on the top every time I wear this:)haha":p it looks my skin healthy by the subtle effect it gives. For those who loves a dewy look makeup like me, this baby is a must have in your makeup closet. 

What are your thoughts? Do you also use any illuminator makeup?
                               Have great day beautiful!

Hauls by my LOVE :)

Enter to my 100 Beautiful Followers Giveaways!This is open worldwide until 7th of August.Hope you won't miss the chance to win an  awesome Limited Edition Pallete from Sleek Makeup! Goodluck lovelies!:)

Hola Beauties! Just wanna make  a quick post of my hubby love's hauls for me from his previous work trips domestic/overseas .To tell you honestly, he was being supportive recently about my beauty essentials cravings (*~*) soo much thankful !So excited that he bought these stuffs for me:) 
Shu Uemura Cleansing Oils 450ml 15.2 FL.OZ.
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex 1.7 FL.OZ 50ml 
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex .5 OZ/ 15ml

This is my second bottle of Shu Uemura Cleansing oils already after my first purchase last year December which my hubby bought at the KL counter for Rm260. And my ever first Estee Lauder skincare the Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex ($59usd ) and Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex ($91usd) which he bought at Saigon DutyFree. 
Have you ever tried one of these? Anything to share?


Fabulosity World's 100 Beautiful Follower's Giveaway Celebration! (CLOSED)

Hi! how's everyone?hope you're all well:)  I would say that this is my very  lucky week ,why ?after being chosen my blog as one of the 2011 Top 50 Beauty Blog , yesterday my profile from Bloggers.com was also been featured as one the Editor's Pick of the day!  yay!
haha! that's unbelievable!  Nevertheless, I'm  feeling proud  of what I have achieved on my craziness in blogging about my  passions in beauty .  Honestly writing a blog is ain't easy huh, it is indeed time consuming. But since I love what I'm doing, it  doesn't matter to me even sometimes it took me staying up late.:0 But as  much as possible, I'm really trying to refrain  from staying up late coz it's really unhealthy plus it gives me such an ugly undereye dark circles!
Anyways enough for that matter. I will go directly to my subject, yes for hitting a 100 Followers/100 Beautiful faces and a bonus blog recognition awards celebration , as an expression of my deep appreciation to all of you! Thank you very much!

I'd like to host my very first giveaways sponsored by my loving hubby** hahha!:P  Since I love Sleek Makeup a lot. I've  decided to give a lovely  Mediterranean Limited Edition Collection sets including  Monaco I divine Palette, Santorini Blush and Monte Carlo Pout Polish as a my giveaway for my 100 Followers celebration! Sleek has just released two new gorgeous summer limited edition collection  for this year . The Mediterranean and the Caribbean Collection.  They both carry an outstanding pigmented colours , however the Mediterranean Collection is more eye catching to me. So I personally pick this lovely set for you!**
*****RULES to Enter*****
*Must be a public GFC follower of my blog and have a valid email address for contact details in case you win. 

~NON MANDATORY~ ( *Just for additional entries*)
    To make a lot  more easier, I made a form sheet  below for you. Just simply  answer the form questions  and you're entered to my giveaways! 

    *Giveaways is open Internationally starting today 7th July until 7th of August 2011.It'll exactly close at 12midnight UTC/GMT +8 hours Kuala Lumpur Time. 
    *One Winner will be chosen randomly and should respond within 48hrs otherwise another winner will be drawn

    Fabulosity World First Blog Recognition

    Hi everyone, how's your day? Hope everybody's doing great. By the way today is 4th of July. Happy  Independence Day to United States of America! Enjoy your holiday peeps:)
    Now back to my post, just a month ago, an online marketing team (Michelle)  from Everydaysale.co.uk send me an email and informed me that my blog was in their potential list in their current project picking out the Top 50 Cosmetic Beauty Blog internationally and  might have the chance in mentioning in their blog.According to them the winner list will be announced on some presses through their  PR company, such as thestar.cto.uklep.co.ukhalifaxtoday.co.uk. .All the  winners will be presented on EverydaySale blog and have the chance to get special vouchers and gifts. That really sounds fun and interesting! I honestly didn't expect that someone from such business company would noticed my simple blog:) It was really such an honor:D To my surprise this morning, I received and email from Michelle again confirming that my blog was being won from the Top 50 Cosmetic Blog.Wow, this is amazing! I was on the 9th place as Top of International Beauty Blog:).How cool is that!:D 
    I wanna share this award with you guys cause without you this blog would not be certainly possible. I'll try to do some more exciting fun post as much as I can!You're truly an inspiration:) A million thanks to you!!!
     Lots of kisses and hugs,

    Thank You!!!


    Hi everyone! I just wanna say a Huge "THANK YOU" for being a part of this humble blog I just created last year. It all started when I began to collect makeups again after 3 yrs of quiting singing and switching to a full time mom job :P Thought I was sated with it but I actually wasn't and instead I crave for more ! I'm so glad  that that I've hit 100 beautiful faces  today! And I really do appreciate it so much:D Thank you very much ladies! kisses** and hugs** and as a way of saying thank you to all, I will do some little giveaways for you guys. So please stay tuned:)Kisses**AIMEE

    Thank You Comment Graphic

    Butterfly Blog Award

    Hi babes!It's been a while since I logged on, my apologies. Been busy lately and need to attend some motherhood duties:)Wow I couldn't believe July is here, time really flies so fast and soon it'll be Christmas! Yey! Anyways, just wanna share my second blog award that I've received from one of the sweetest blogger babe I love  Popblush of POPBLUSHING. She's very nice and friendly gal that  I've ever known in this blogging community. I'm just glad that I get the chance to meet  her:)Thanks hun!

    Award Rules:
    Award 7 others and write 15 random things about yourself.

    15 random things about me.....
    1. I love flowers especially Tulips.I just feel relax and stress free everytime I stared on its'  beauty.
    2. My day isn't complete without a coffee!
    3. I started singing since I was 8, my eldest sister taught and influenced me to sing.Whitney Houston is my childhood admiration.I love to sing all her songs:)
    4. Phillippines is my mother country. I'm a filipina with mixed of chinese race.My mother is 100% filipina and my father is half chinese. my hubby is filipino as well and his work is  based for a long term here in Malaysia.
    5. I'm a proud mom of four:) they are my inspirations and  treasures in life:)
    6. I'm enjoying to watch interesting movies like magical ,horror/suspense, comedy and romance.
    7. I'm  obssessed in skincare and makeups
    8. I love weekends for it's time for dining out with my family.
    9. I love to learn baking , arts and crafts.I'm inspired with Martha Stewart.
    10. I love to travel and watch different beautiful places:)
    11. I love shopping especially bargains and deals!
    12. I love pets particularly dogs! I remembered my first dog whom I named "Maxi" when I was just a kid. She's so sweet and my alarm clock! She shared the same bed with me and  wakes me up in the morning by scratching my back:)Oh I miss her!:(
    13. I' m a Hello Kitty fan and a collector:)
    14. I love wearing dresses, looks so feminine and comfortable!
    15. I'm emotional type.Couldn't stop myself crying into such sentimental movie scene/situation.
    I want to pass this award onto the following fabulous ladies:
    1. Rinny of Rinny's Beauty Diary http://www.rinnysbeautydiary.com/ 
    2. Penelope of Inspired by Beauty http://2beautyetc.blogspot.com/
    3. Jessy of J's Little Place of girlie Heaven  http://threenothing.blogspot.com/
    4. Dinah of DGS Beauty http://www.dgsbeauty.com/
    5. Meme of  Makeup and Meme http://makeupandmeme.blogspot.com/
    6. Shayla of Mrs.Pocahontas Beauty Blog http://mrspocahontasbeauty.blogspot.com/
    7. Fruity Purplicious http://fruitypurplicious.blogspot.com/

    Enjoy the award babes:) See you later and  thanks for reading!
    it's almost 2 am here really need to go to bed now:)

    Kisses and hugs**
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