Goodness of Trilogy Rosehip Oil Reviews

I'm always on hunt for great products that does wonders to my skin. I love to research and discover new wonderful things. I came across to know about this product from my recent research for natural skincare products for  anti aging and clearing acne scars.  And I'm glad that this beauty saves my skin.

INGREDIENTS: Rosa Canina (Rosehip) Seed Oil

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil is a powerful 100% natural skincare product that helps to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and wrinkles. It's potent active ingredients make it highly effective for other skin concerns including dry and dehydrated skin, ageing skin and uneven skin tone. All skin types will benefit from using this lightweight oil which absorbs easily just like a serum. Contains Essential Fatty Acids (omegas 3,6 and 9) plus vitamins to moisturize, soften and smooth skin on your face and body to help restore beautiful healthy skin.
It has a yellow colour texture in consistency which easily absorbs by skin.
I was been told by the SA that this oil helps to reduce scars, aside from helping to improve wrinkles and dehydrated areas which is mainly my concern. As I have an acne  prone skin  too, I had this stubborn acne scars from my left cheeks which doesn't fade away for almost a month since I got it. So I took advantage of this product to see if this really works. She was right! And  I was stunned and impressed to its effectiveness:) See the photos below:

My acne scars visibly reduced in 3 weeks after using it:) 

I include using this in my skincare night time routine only , and occasionally use in the morning depends on the weather.  Though it was instructed to use both morning and night time. I prefer to use it at night time only cause I find it  just a little bit uncomfortable  when used in the morning plus my foundations/bb cream doesn't adapt into my skin well when I use this. So  at night time, after cleansing my face and a toner, I apply only 2-3 drops as instructed from the box. And massage it all over my face . Then followed by an eye cream. I tried to add a night moisturizer after massaging it for about a minute or so, which is usually on my routine. Apparently, by adding a night moisturizer is not a good combination for this oil. As this oil gives a sufficient amount for moisturizing as well, and too much oil causes me breakouts and blackheads. So every time I use this, I skip adding a night moisturizer. Oh yeah all in one product!:)Here are the Pro's and Con's of this product:

  • 100% organic ( no harmful preservatives)
  • effective for scars
  • helps on adding  moisture to skin
  • all in one product (serves as a serum ,a moisturizer and a treatment for uneven skin tone)
  • inexpensive yet powerful
  • economical 
  • due to its natural ingredients , you may not like the fishy smell scent( I don't like it at first but eventually  I get used to it )
  • may not be an ideal use for hot humid days(
  • may cause breakouts/blackheads  if use more than the given amount instructions
In my overall opinion, this is great product especially if you are looking for  a natural organic product. I would say that this is  best for clearing up some scars and imperfections on skin. Very economical to use and affordable.Will re-purchase it again.


 How do you treat your scars? have you tired this one?


Product Available  AT TNS SKINLAB Malaysia.  20ml (RM66) , 45ml (RM115)

DISCLAIMER: I purchased this  for RM66 ( 20ml) at TNS Skinlab Shop .


joany said...

Really like natural products I have rosehip oil from and i mix it wiv other oils 

Fabulous Aimee said...

hi joany:) im lovin natural products too!

Emanss31 said...

how much this wonder ur face free without scarr

Beckylady said...

Love your review, Really detailed , after your review I started using Trilogy Rosehip oil 2 months ago. its wonderful I bought it from a Melbourne store called I was worried that the oil would cause more acne but it has done the opposite and reduced acne plus visibly reduced some fine lines. An added bonus is that it has reduced a couple of minor scars. Great product

Fabulous Aimee said...

Hi Becky. Thank you for sharing your feedbacks with this product, I totally agree with you, its really great on reducing scars and helps on minimizing fine lines as well:)

Diego QuiƱones said...

Hello.This is a amazing product. I started use it few days ago. Can you post some new before/after pictures?

gina said...

Hi Aimee, where can i get the trilogy rosehip oil in JB ?

Ita rane said...

I have dry skin due to the weather and uneven skin tone, and my husband bought me rosehip oil for me to try. Absolutely superb result! my face feel smooth and not dry anymore and the best part is my face not even look oily! its really good product, natural & safe. I bought from chemist 30ml $29.90

xtina_gorgeous said...

where did you buy this? how much? thanks

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