Shisedo White Lucent Brightening Skincare Product Reviews

I admit that I really do love skincare more than makeups.  Why? Simply because skincare is more important for us especially  women to  sustain all the essential vitamins that our skin needs to   maintain our youthful  healthy glowing  skin . And the earlier we treated them right would help us avoid from any skin problems such as uneven skintone, blemishes,redness, dark circles, skin dehydration  and  even the appearance of  fine lines and wrinkles at an early age. And I've learned that Sunscreen protection is the most important of all. Just early this year a stubborn brown spots/pigmentations appered to my  right upper cheekbones . I have also dark circes around my eyes due to my lack of care. And I was really upset  and worried about how to get rid  of all this problems until I' ve started to use different brand such as Loreal and the White lucent brightening skincare linefrom Shiseido  . These products quite works with my skin apparently  my brown spots didn't vanished perfectly but it did  helps  a lot on brightening my skin. Here are my thoughts about them after using all of them religiously for about 7 months from the day I purchased them.

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dHi  gorgeous;)We are on a holiday today celebrating Malaysia's Mid Autumn Festival. So it's gonna be a long weekend again:) Woohoo! It  means, I have  lots of time to make a post:) Yey! And finally, I can continue to write my post now about these 2 awesome  blog  awards which  was given to me by  the two fabulous beauty dolls. Thank you lovelies!

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    7 Random Facts about me [ I think I've done  writing some random facts about me in my previous blog awards, but anyways I'll just add some  to get to know me better :)

    Sponsored Reviews:YANQINA 360ºC Natural Lifelike Pro Mascara+FOTD

    Hello everyone! I have received another new cool  product from kkcenterhk   to review. From their website they have two newly added products from Yanqina  (Eye products)  and Landbis (Liquid eyeliners) brand.  And here's what I pick:

    Yanqina  360ºC Natural Lifelike Pro Mascara . 

    HK and Macau Trips + Hauls Part 2

    Hallu everyone! After a while in despite of poor internet connections , I'm glad  that I've still managed to upload  at last some of our fun memories photos in our vacation trips . We have visited some places like The Walt Disney Land  , The Ocean Park, The Peak Tram and the Golden Bauhinia Flower in Hk. While   in Macau, which is only 38 miles away from Hongkong and approximately  45 minutes  travel by a  ferry boat we explored The Venetian Resort , The Ruin of St.Paul and some of the outstanding Hotels and Casino's around the city.Here are some random photos taken from different places that we've visited.

    SEPHORA SG HAULS : URBAN DECAY Naked and the15th Anniversary Palette + freebies

    The ultimate gorgeous palettes from Urban Decay the Naked and and the 15th anniversary palettes has arrived in SEPHORA Singapore last 1st of September.  I didn't let the chance to pass this time and grab it  as it's always been sold out really fast once it came out  into the store. I can't even  decide which one to pick as the two of them was incredibly beautiful and still available in stock on  the shelves when I visited ( Takashimaya Ngee Ann City Branch)

    HK and Macau Trips + Hauls Part 1

    Hello lovelies!Today  I wanna share with you our fun filled days vacation trip in Hongkong and Macau.I love everything there especially the Shopping malls  and the night market:P Hk has a huge industry in beauty and cosmetics.  SASA and BONJOUR shop boutiques are located just every corner of the street! My eyes were drooled after seeing loads of various asian/european aunthentic brands which they offer for such bargain prices! Well comparing the price  tags, Hk is way much cheaper than here in Malaysia.If your planning to purchase bulk items, this is one of the place you must consider to shop.Here are some of the items that Bonjour offers: Clinique, Estee Lauder, Sk II, Christian Dior, Shiseido, Kanebo ,Kose, Lunasol,and a lot more!..I can't even remember some of the brand names for they are too many to remember!haha.. 

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