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dHi  gorgeous;)We are on a holiday today celebrating Malaysia's Mid Autumn Festival. So it's gonna be a long weekend again:) Woohoo! It  means, I have  lots of time to make a post:) Yey! And finally, I can continue to write my post now about these 2 awesome  blog  awards which  was given to me by  the two fabulous beauty dolls. Thank you lovelies!

The One Lovely Blog Award from  Marla of Makeup by Marla

The Rules:
    • Link back to the person that awarded you this
    • Write seven random facts about yourself.
    • Award some lovely bloggers!
    7 Random Facts about me [ I think I've done  writing some random facts about me in my previous blog awards, but anyways I'll just add some  to get to know me better :)

    • I love Charm bracelets with different big colourful designs. I got three of them :)
    •  I love Romper shorts. So comfy and sexy!
    • Dark Mocha Frappe is my favorite drinks  in Starbucks(*~*)
    • I love to cook only   when I'm in a mood :)  hahah 
    • I sneeze a lot especially in the morning due to my *hate Allergy Rhinitis that's why I never runs out my Cetrizin meds for immediate remedy
    • I love sour foods and fruits like Tamarinds
    • I have 3 International bff from the three beautiful countries:))The  Philippines, Vietnam and Korea ! Great isn't it? These 3 wonderful ladies were amazingly God's gift to me. They're irreplaceble , reliable, genuine, and a true definition of a FRIEND <3
    My Filipina bff Beng:)She' never left  from my darkest hours up to my glorious moments. A friend who never take advantage and my second sister . Love you Beng! 
      With my Vietnamese bff Ngoc Anh. We couldn't pronounced her name perfectly so we just replaced her name  by Alice in English name and she loved it :) lol .She's sweet thoughtful and honest. And a beauty geek as well:)This was taken 5 yrs ago in Saigon. Oh I miss those days! I'll definitely visit her once again :)
      And my Korean bestie Jung Sook.She's my neighbor here in Malaysia and eventually became my bff. A friend who cares about me and my family. Sad cuz they went back to Korea now with her family. But certainly, will do visit her too soon in Seoul:)

      And my second blog award ,the Sunshine Award 2011 from Carina of Apples of the Eye 

      The Rules:
      • write a post about it
      • answer the questions
      • pass it on the 10 bloggers you reallt think they deserve it and send them a message to let them know
      My Answers:
      • Favorite Color- I have 4  favorite colors, they are yellow, green, red and pink:)
      • Favorite Animal-  Definitely "Dogs" they are so sweet and comforting:)
      • Favorite Number-  8
      • Favorite Drink-  Watermelon Fresh Juice
      • Facebook/Twitter?: I love them both!
      • Your Passion: Singing, Music, Blogging 
      • Giving /Getting presents: Giving and getting presents makes me happy :)
      • Favorite Pattern: Floral , Stripes, Japanese Patterns
      • Favorite Day: Fridays and Saturdays
      • Favorite Flower: Pink Tulips , Malaysian Mums

      I pass this two awesome blog awards to  the wonderful ladies:

      My FOTD  sorry it's OOTD 

      I'm wearing one of my favorite stripes romper shorts today. Do you like it? I love it!  Most of the times I just wear  shorts and Dresses cuz I feel more comfortable wearing them .
      So that's all for now dolls. I have to get back to my kids now.Happy Friday and Happy Mid Autumn Festival to all my Malaysian Friends. Hari Malaysia !



      tiffiefum said...

      Thank you very much Aimee for the awards! Soo touched!:> You look gorgeous on that FOTD btw! 

      Dinah Sadie said...

      Congrats on the awards! =)  That's a cute romper.  

      Penélope said...

      Thank you so much for my award! =) ... I love Charm bracelets too! I'm following you on Twitter now && I liked your FB page. 

      Arianne said...

      congrats on the awards :D

      Jyz said...

      Congratulations on getting the awards! You definitely deserve it! Thank you so much for giving me the awards hun! :) I already did the first one but Its my first getting the Sunshine Award and I am definitely making a post for the awards yiu have given me and link your blog. :)
      luv you always!

      Diane said...

      thank you very much sis for the awards!!! and I love all your OOTD as well as your FOTDs.. muah

      Rinny said...

      The romper looks cute! And congrats on your awards! I love how you have so many friends of so many different nationalities and cultural backgrounds :)

      PopBlush said...

      I love sour foods too! You are looking great in that romper! =D

      melissa rodriguez said...

      OMG thank you so much you're such a doll.... I will do this asap!!! ;- )

      Tenaca said...

      Awe!! Thanks so much for the awards!!<3 and congrats on receiving these two awards:) Love your outfit, so cute! Stripes look really great on you!! Xoxo Jessica

      Tenaca said...

      Awe!! Thanks so much for the awards!!<3 and congrats on receiving these two awards:) Love your outfit, so cute! Stripes look really great on you!! Xoxo Jessica

      Daphnée Kwong Waye said...

      Congrats girl!!! :D I'm a new follower and I can tell that your blog is awesome! :) keep it up!

      Fabulous Aimee said...

      Your welcome doll:) thanks!

      Fabulous Aimee said...

      Thanks babe:)

      Fabulous Aimee said...

      Thanks love.! Charm bracelets are si cute,:-) glad you like them too.!

      Fabulous Aimee said...

      Thanks darlin';-)

      Fabulous Aimee said...

      Ur so sweet sister.!Thanks and love u too!

      Fabulous Aimee said...

      Ur welcome pretty! Lovin' all your fotd's as well.! kisses**

      Fabulous Aimee said...

      Thanks Rinny dear;-) I feel so blessed having so many friends including all of you here in this blogging world;-) Im so thankful that I got the chance to meet you all! You are amazing!

      Fabulous Aimee said...

      Thanks pretty! You always look blooming and gorgeous in each post you made.;-)stay happy<3

      Fabulous Aimee said...

      Thanks doll! Love your pretty looks:)

      Rhea Bue said...

      wow.. nice.. your bffs are all lovely! :D by the way.. my favorite number is 8 too! ~yay! :D
      I love your FOTD!  nice outfit! :D

      Fabulous Aimee said...

      Hi sweet:)thanks for visiting:)Yay!  8 is just my lucky number :)

      Fabulous Aimee said...

      thanks babe!:)

      makeupaholicsam said...

      I just saw this since my connection is helluva pain in the neck!:) thank you so much!!!! thanks thanks... hope to see you soon.:)

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