HK and Macau Trips + Hauls Part 1

Hello lovelies!Today  I wanna share with you our fun filled days vacation trip in Hongkong and Macau.I love everything there especially the Shopping malls  and the night market:P Hk has a huge industry in beauty and cosmetics.  SASA and BONJOUR shop boutiques are located just every corner of the street! My eyes were drooled after seeing loads of various asian/european aunthentic brands which they offer for such bargain prices! Well comparing the price  tags, Hk is way much cheaper than here in Malaysia.If your planning to purchase bulk items, this is one of the place you must consider to shop.Here are some of the items that Bonjour offers: Clinique, Estee Lauder, Sk II, Christian Dior, Shiseido, Kanebo ,Kose, Lunasol,and a lot more!..I can't even remember some of the brand names for they are too many to remember!haha.. 

In Bonjour,you can mostly see asian brand made  like Japan, Korea, and Taiwan
From perfume to skincare, accessories, medicine, cosmetics etc...

Good to see a NINE WEST store just located also at the central and a good timing that they are on  a removal sale :)

All the items  you can see has been mark down , that was really a steal for such a great quality  brand:)From handbags, shoes and clothes .This sandals didn't pass on my eyes:

Original Price $795 HKD ($100 usd) i just bought it for $259hkd ($33 usd)
Rockport was on sale too, and bought this boat shoes for $649 hkd ( $83usd) from original price of $799 hkd ($103usd)

NARS- I've been always wanted to try but can find nowhere in Malaysia. I bought first the Orgasm blush  but on the next day I visit, I saw the GIFT set on the display  (Love me set :Albatross/Orgasm blush and lipgloss(orgasm)  Just came after I've purchased the blush:( couldn't resist how pretty the whole set was especially the lip gloss, so i also took it:)
NARS Blush Orgasm $230 HKD
NARS Love Me Set $490 HKD

we even conquered the factory outlet of Esprit and here's one I got from there, from the left a handbag which cost around (25 usd) ($199HKD) There are also lots of counterfeited  brands selling at the night market too.The colours was such a cutee and I don't mind that it was  a fake, just don't bother me and I took it:)It's a replica of Marc Jacobs anyway it can used as an extra bag holder my kids stuffs:) In the  night market, you should learn how to negotiate with  the merchants otherwise you will pay almost double of the items you wish to buy. This tote bag was at first selling for $170 hkd and I ended up buying it for $100 hkd :P 

Left: from Esprit (Original from the Factory outlet) : $199 HKD ( $25 usd)

Right: Marc Jacobs (Replica from the night market ): $ 100 HKD ($12usd)

Cosmetics Collective Hauls:
  • MY BEAUTY DIARY Japanese Hydrengea Mask  $32 HKD ($4 USD)
  • MY BEAUTY DIARY Earl Grey Tea Mask $56 HKD            ($7+ USD) 
  • MY BEAUTY DIARY Q10 Rejuvenating Mask $55 HKD       ($7 USD)
  • MY BEAUTY DIARY Platinum and Pearl  Lifting Stretch Mask  $55 HKD ($7 USD)
  • EOS Lip Balm $32 HKD ($4 USD)
  • Cezanne  (Japan brand) Pressed Powder $69HKD
  • Lancome Tonique Douceur 200ml  $152 HKD 
  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation shade 54  $208 HKD ( $27 usd)
  • Loreal Paris Base Magique Smooting Primer $109 HKD ($14 usd)
  • Bronzing Powder $39.90 HKD ( $5 usd)
  • Blusher ($2+ usd)
I'm really having a hard time uploading all the pictures, anyway  this is just the part  1 of this post, part 2 is coming soon so please stand by and may you all have a fabulous day! More exciting fun post  and hauls to come!


Laura Lee said...

Oh my god. The NARS! I am drooling after looking at your pics! :D
Hope I can go to HK someday too, and shop shop shop till i drop! lol

Dinah Sadie said...

Damn girl!  That haul is amazing!  I'm loving the white bag.  <3

KRiSTEL said...

 ohhh lots of goodie!

PopBlush said...

Great haul! I love Sasa! 

Fabulous Aimee said...

Hi Laura. yeah Hk is a great place to shop shop til you drop!haha:) thanks for droppin' by:) have a great day!

Fabulous Aimee said...

thanks girl!love that too! :)

Fabulous Aimee said...

thanks babe!Im super lovin both SASA and BONJOUR!

Fabulous Aimee said...

Hi babe, thanks for visiting:)your blog is cool ^~* <3

Jessica K said...

TEN-ACA: Aimee, Wow great haul!<3 Nice Nars stuff:) You got alot of goodies!!

Fabulous Aimee said...

Thanks Love!:) Finally got Nars in my hands now! :P

Kaye of Timeless Confection said...

I love SaSa!!!!It's just so sad that only SaSa HK and Macau carry the Kracie Naive line. It's so unfortunate that I can't get them at SaSa Singapore and Kuala Lumpur...By the way, you've got so many cool items here...

I remember that at SaSa and Bonjuor, they were selling Olay Total Effects for just Php450.Amazing,right?

Fabulous Aimee said...

agree! Sasa and Bonjour rocks! really wish to be back there and probably start to save now for shopping spree again! woohoo!

Rescueta said...

awesome hauls pretty.. loved the sandals!!!

Fabulous Aimee said...

Thanks dear! I'm wearing it now and it's so comfy :)
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cai jennifer said...

Just stumbled upon your blog. I'm going to HK next month. Does Macau have good shopping? Recommend any places to go? :) (Shopping and tourist wise hehe)

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