CHARMZONE (Korean Brand Skincare Products) REVIEW

Hi fellow beauties! Finally here's my reviews on  Charmzone Skincare sample products that my Korean bff gave me couple of months ago.I  know this post is a very long overdue, but still I wanna give my thoughts about it.

                                            Charmzone   Skin Milk Essence
Photos credited from Charmzone website


This product provides convenience and beauty with skin toner, lotion, and essence in one formula. It is very effective on oily skin.
1. Whitens: Persimmon leaf extract whitens the skin so that it appears cleaner and more transparent.
2. Resilience: Cytokines keep the skin healthy and glowing while the MDI-complex slows the skin¡¯s aging process.
3. Moisturizes: Excellent moisturizers replenish the skin¡¯s moisture levels.
4. Tightens pores: Tightens pores and restores your skin¡¯s resilience and smoothness.

  •  has a refreshing feeling and hydrating elements which quickly absorbs into your skin
  • doesn't gives me any breakouts, safe to acne prone  and dry/combination skin like me
  •  helps on whitening. tightening and restoring skins resilience
  • has a pleasant sweet scent 
  • not locally available  here in Malaysia
I have used this product for about 4 months and I'm happy to say that this product works well with my skin.I applied this every morning after a cleansed face. The first thing that I love is the scent, it has a pleasant sweet smell.Secondly, it leaves my skin supple,tight,and  hydrated without feeling any greasiness. Third, it has a whitening ingredients which helps my skin looks light and brightened. And last but definitely not the least, it doesn't irritate or giving me any breakouts.My only complain is, it's not locally available here in Malaysia. After browsing its availability in the web , it can only be purchase thru various online website with different rates or from its respective branches worldwide.

Charmzone Midnight Special Cream
photos credited from Charmzone website


The Hive Complex¡¯s rich nutrients and biological anti-aging substances will supply nutrients to your skin. Its skin barrier in a soft & rich type of gel network system will make your skin as soft and smooth as silk. The patented ingredient CRD-1 will have an effect on keeping your skin from losing moisture and protecting it from harmful environments outside. Through a hydrating radicle extract and strong water-holding effect, this product will supply moisture to your skin to make it smoother and brighter.

  • has an anti aging ingredients
  • helps on restoring skins' resilience and smoothness
  • has a pleasant sweet scent as well as the Skins' Milk Essence
  • keeps face well moisturized through out the night
  • tends to breakouts for dry combination/oily skin type
  • not locally available here in Malaysia
I only got a 2 small box  samples of this and each box contains 4 sachets of it .After using 3 sachets , I discontinue using it already 'cuz I've seen some bumps appearing on my face and eventually turns to breakouts.I agree on what they say about its' restoring skins' resilience and moisturizing powers but unfortunately it ain't suit on my dry /combination skin type.Perhaps this will work for normal to  extremely dry skin.

Charmzone DeAGE CRD Eye-Care System
Photos credited to Charmzone website

¡°Youth is visible around the eyes¡±
The sensitive skin around the eyes is liable to appear aged and tired. Maintain your skin feeling moist and refreshed with this system. Various nutritive ingredients, such as red wine, keep the skin around the eyes moist and resilient.
DeAGE CRD Eye Cream :
1. Protects the delicate skin around the eyes.
2. Creates smooth, glowing skin by providing vegetable-based elements.
3. Contains the enhanced moisturizing power to leave the eyes hydrated and smooth.
4. Vitamin E derivatives increase the skin¡¯s resilience.


  • keeping eyes smooth and hydrated
  • helps on brightening around the under eye dark circles
  • has full of beneficial nutritive ingredients for anti aging
  • gentle on eyes and doesn't cause any white bumps or milia 

  • not locally available here in Malaysia
I would say that  among the three products I've tried  from Charmzone this is my most favorite of all. Honestly, it did a great job on my eyes. I had been used this together with Loreal White Perfect Eye Double Eyezone Brightener until it both runs out. And these two  combination is a winner on combating my tired looking under eye dark circles. I used them 
both in the morning and evening.I wish to purchase.

*All of the product information and photos were credited from Charmzone website.If you wish to have  more knowledge about the product you can visit them here

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       Do you have any experience with these products too?


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