kkcenterhk 's Beauty Angel Cosmetics Special Edition Gold Palette Reviews + FOTD

kkcenterhk Beauty Angel Special Edition Perfect Makeup Kit -GOLD
This is just another product from kkcenterhk which was newly released last month from their catalogue. The packaging and the colors was so tempting so I ask Maggie if this was also available for product reviews . Luckily , I was granted to have a free sample of this to review and I  personally pick this Palette in  "GOLD" among the other three colors of BLUE, GREEN, and PURPLE . I love their shipping method, they  securely wrap the product into a bunch of popping bubbles to prevent any damages of it. And finally it came in to my  mailbox in a very good condition.

Front of the Palette
Back of the Palette

With Guidelines and makeup instructions 


100% Authentic
Includes 12 Color And 2 Blush
Dimensions(Open): 12cm X 17cm X 1cm
EyeShadow Net: 1.2g X 12
Blush Net: 5g X 2
PRICE: $14.50 USD approx. RM43

  • all colors are well pigmented in shimmery shades
  • has a unique trendy slim packaging 
  • has a long lasting power
  • inexpensive
  • easy to carry/travel friendly
  • there are no matte colors except for the 2 blush shades 
  • textures are slightly unrefined except from the 2 matte blushes
  • the shades of the palettes has no relevance to the title itself  "GOLD" .I'm expecting to have more bronze ,silvers, greys, earth colors in it but instead it was mixed with pastel colors of pink, purple, blue and green.
From the packaging,I like how it look so classy,trendy and slim in size to fit in your purse. After had been swatched, the beautiful colors turns out obviously and very pigmented. However I've noticed that some of the shades from the first row appeared to be too frosted and slightly unrefined that some of the colors didn't show up to it's original color. But despite of  a bit unrefined textures  of it,the colors are incredibly easy to blend and has long lasting power. Since all the colors from this palette are all in highly shimmery shades,I 'd be mostly prefer to wear this at dinner party or night time.  I think this palette would be more interesting if the shades were mix  by some matte colors too! Moreover, I love every color in it, but I think they should have not name the palette as "GOLD ", 'cuz the colors were mixed by some of the pastel colors of purple ,blue and green which I think doesn't belong to the group. However, I still love the colors of the entire palette though:) In addition to that, I can create different looks and styles with it. I enjoyed playing the colors especially  from the third row which I did today, looks natural and feminine . Among the 2 blushes shades, the peachy color is my fave , 'cuz it's so subtle and looks pretty on my cheeks:) The bright Pink color is quite nice as well!  The shade is loud and fun to use.In my over all opinion,  this palette is  worth considerable to have in my collection:)
 I use the Peach shades on my Cheeks
Shades used are all from the third row

Do you like this Palette?What are your thoughts?

***kisses & Love***


PopBlush said...

I love your face of the day~~ So pretty~

Fabulous Aimee said...

thanks babe! I love all your beauty tutorialS!keep them coming:)

Penelope said...

Gorgeous FOTD, you look so pretty and vibrant. Love the cute shimmery shades in the palette!

Fabulous Aimee said...

thanks love!:) this palette is easy and fun to wear! <3

Www Tenaca1 said...

Really nice palette, love the makeup look, so pretty!:)

Dinah Sadie said...

I swear I was following you!  ugh.  lol.  anyways, that palette is so pretty.  I love the colors.  Cute FOTD.  <3  

Makeupbyjyz said...

it is such a nice look on you! ;D i agree with the first row looking frosty. also the blush got my attention, wow it look so pigmented that can pass for eyeshadow.;) thanks for sharing with us! ;D

Shang J said...

Very pigemented shades. LOVE your FOTD! ^^

April Hollie said...

they made the packaging look like the ELF beauty books!

Fabulous Aimee said...

thanks babe! love to see more makeup creation from you!so inspiring:)

Fabulous Aimee said...

thanks Girl!<3

Fabulous Aimee said...

is it?I  haven't tried any of the  ELF makeups, heard countless posts about them. Looking forward to own one!:)Congrats on your blog giveaways winnings! <3

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