Keeping your Makeup stuffs neat and organized introducing the Cosmetics Organizer

I remember the time when I first started to collect makeups, I have this empty paper box where I used to store all my makeups and stuffs. Due to my frequent buys and hauls, my box is not sufficient anymore to hold my stuffs until I bought a plastic drawer box from a Book store which is literally used for storing stationeries/document papers etc. It's just a  
 typical plastic drawer box with a plain colour of Beige , which I thought is great for storing my makeup stuffs. Nothing fancy and has enough  measurements to store my stuffs in it. I never thought that there genious makers of Cosmetic organizers out there now a days  and finally discover this fantastic Cosmetic organizer 
Sleek and classy design to keep your things neatly organized 

Made of clear acryllic with a 3 layer drawers, 12 lipstick holder on top plus extra space to store some of your stuffs like Foundation, Primers, Eyeliners, Cosmetic Brushes and anything you wish to be stored neatly and nice:)
The measurements are as follows:
Height= 18cm
Length= 24cm

Aren't they look so lovely and divine? One thing that I love from this box is that its made of transparent acryllic. You can clearly see the items inside. It also  has a colour black mat stopper to prevent my makeups from bumping to one another. And a brilliant  Lipstick holder which can hold up to 12 pcs of your lipstick:)Plus an extra space beside to store your skincare/foundations/brushes etc..


Here is the black mat stopper that I've mentioned. Perfectly made to prevent your makeups from bumping and cracking everytime you open the drawer.The black colour is also great for the unavoidable stains of makeup.If you think you don't need a mat stopper, it's removable as well or can replaced with other rubber mat colours you like which can sold on some book stores..
 To give you an idea on how many items this drawers can hold, here are some of my items that I've stored.From the left 1st drawer, Layered my  2 WetnWild eyeshadows, 2 Sleek Shadows, a nyx shadow and a Mac paint pot, 2nd drawer consist of 4 wetnwild shadows, kate shadow, UD Naked Palette, 3rd drawer, 1 Nars duo blush, Mac MSf, Benefit Blush, Milani Baked blush and a Shu Uemura Blush.

 A close up look on the top , I stored my Sigma brushes , my lip and eyeliner pencils, my foundations/BB creams, and 12 of my lipsticks
Aside from it's sleek design, I adore the versatility of this organizer too.You can actually modify the style and can create on how will you display them on your table.The lipstick holder on top is removable too. Easy to clean and keeping your table neatly nice and well organized. 

And finally, here's the final look ..


  • will store your makeup looking neatly  and well organized
  • made of a sturdy clear acryllic which you can easily see where to get your items
  • comes with a black mat stopper
  • removable drawers for easy cleaning and style modifying
  • Perfect Cosmetic organizer for a new makeup collector
  • available in Malaysia and to international buyers
  • Space saver
  • if you're looking for a bigger organizer size this might not be your type.
AVAILABILITY:   For both Malaysia and International buyers , please contact                         
PRICE: RM110 (Malaysia) (For International buyers , please inquire for the price quotations_)

This is by far the kind of my cosmetics storage:)I like the classy transparent colour  design. Keeping my makeup table really neat and organized which my hubby really love:P It was not as big as I have expected though but still like it. I am still using my other cosmetics box (purchased in the book store )as an storage for my bigger items, and used this one to store some of my smaller items like the ones I've shown in the picture. I love how my foundation and the brushes stored in one place. It's easier for me to make my makeup done. Really a good buy and  an ideal organizer especially for a makeup newbie :) Good news is, they ship internationally.  If you' re interested, you may contact the given email address above.As a token from my blog, you will have 10% discount off and mention "FabulosityWorld" to redeem your discount :) Go ahead and make your table neatly organized and beautiful too!

 Stay healthy,happy  and Gorgeous! See you later! Te amo


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sahar awan said...

wao great organization + i <3 those cute brush holders on drawers 

Fabulous Aimee said...

Thanks dear, I also love the way my makeup stuffs stored like this:)

Cyre5189 said...

wow thats really nice and it looks like it can fit so many things. i could use one of those! thanks for this blog post :) 

Miss Niki said...


Fabulous Aimee said...

welcome babe:) go ahead and grab yours:)

Fabulous Aimee said...

go ahead babe! :)

Popblush said...

Hey hun!! How have you been?? I only recently saw your comment to me - sorry for the late reply hun! The clear makeup drawers look lovely - love that they are clear and you can see what you have in there. I already have a similar lipstick holder and it is currently sitting on my vanity table =)

Fabulous Aimee said...

Hi babe!:) Im great! Glad to hear from you again:) It was nice seeing our lovely babies organized right:)Have a fab day:)

John Petter said...

Really a nice post.
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Diana Teo Wan Lian said...

Pls contact me! I wanna buy ( 0169599444)

ZiTing Chan said...

Is It Still Available?

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