Sharing my daily Skincare Routine

Hi lovelies, I'm happy to share with you today  my daily skincare routine. First of all,my skin type is dry/combinations (oily T-zone and dry on the cheeks) .My skin concerns at the moment is dark circles/fine lines under eyes, uneven skintone, occasional breakouts and lack of hydration. I've tried quite a lot of skincare products and yet here are the only items that stays and suits perfectly with my skin type.

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I use this cleanser from Marykay The Timeswise 3 in 1 cleanser in the morning. This cleanser makes my skin so soft and look fairer. The small granules helps to exfoliate the dead skin as well. I squeezed a pea size amount  and gently massage all over to my face and neck . It is mild and  creamy yet never breaks me out.

After a cleansed face, I pour a sufficient amount of this Clinelle Purifying Toner in a cotton ball and gently apply all over my face and neck

After toning, I apply Clinelle's Moisture Booster to add moisture on my dry face areas, such as under eyes, cheeks and forehead.

next step is my eye cream, I use the Antipodes Kiwi  seed oil .It is by far my most love eye cream.It has a refreshing scent of natural ingredients.such as avocados and kiwi seed oil. I feel the sudden coolness after application and helps on brightening the dark circles of my eyes. I can see the result on diminishing fine lines too after a long term of usage.

The next step is the moisturizer, just a pea size amount is enough to cover my entire face and neck. I use the Clinelle's Moisture Glow. It's super mild and safe to use for acne prone like me. 

and lastly the most important part of my morning skincare regime is the SUNSCREEN!
Non sticky and lightweight.Keeping me protected from harmful UV rays and sunlight.

Crescent moon and stars

Before washing off my face, I use an oil -free eye makeup remover first to gently remove my makeups especially the mascara. This oil-free eye makeup remover is simply great. It easily removes my eye makeup and waterproof mascara's without loosing the hair strands of my lashes. It's safe to use on eyes and face and never breaks me out as well.

after the makeup has been removed, I cleanse my face with this cleansing gel from Clinelle. It deeply cleanse my face and doesn't have any  tight dry/ feeling after washing. Works perfectly fine with me.

Then I apply next the Clinelle's Purifying Toner again,
Then the eye cream
  And lastly my favorite face oil the Trilogy's Rose Hip Oil. Not just helping me to diminish the acne scars but also keeping my face soft and hydrated .

here are some extra treats  for my face that I do  once a week 

                                         My Beauty Diary Mask (Reviews here)

My Sampar Masks (reviews here)
                 One of my favorite Mask the Clinelle's Snow White Mask

For my acne spots treatments, I use the  Neutrogena Acne Spot Treatment (Photos and review soon ). 

So there you have it:) This is the products that I've been using lately and found to be effective. I've included some interesting skincare products this time in my routine and currently on a trial mode. So please stay tune for the reviews on them once the testing period is done. How do you care for your skin? Have anything to share?

                      Stay happy , healthy and Gorgeous always ...Have a fab day!



Rinny said...

Thanks for sharing this post Aimee! I always like seeing what others use in their daily regimens because it gives me ideas for new products to try. It looks like you really like clinelle products :D The eye cream sounds really good too. I still haven't found an eye cream that does anything for my dark circles yet. 

Fabulous Aimee said...

My pleasure dear:) Love sharing products that I love:) Yah so far been liking Clinelle products cause they're so mild and gentle on my skin. You should try antipodes avocado kiwi seed oil for your eyes dear, its naturals and did help on reducing my dark circles as well. I'd love to know your skincare routine too! Share with us:)

Fabulous Aimee said...

Yeah dear , I'm sure you will like it:) share us your thoughts once you've tried it;)

Arpita Mohanty said...

Nice post Aimee....Wat to try Mary Kay products :)

Fabulous Aimee said...

Hi Appy dear, thanks for dropping by:) Yes you must try Mary Kay Products, they are also good product,I love their cosmetics and skincare too:)

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