My TOP 5 Beauty Essentials

1. Shiseido Anessa Milky Sunscreen (Town Use) SPF 32 PA+++
Wearing a sunscreen or a sunblock is a must! It helps on protecting our skin from the adverse effects of the sunlight like skin cancer , melanoma, darkspots , pigmentation and pre mature aging. I may forget wearing my makeup except my sunscreen! Love this one from Shiseido, it's non greasy and serves as a good primer too. Prevention is always better than Curing..

2. Trilogy Rose Hip Oil (Reviews here)

No matter what brand of skincare I use from time to time, I always get back to this beauty. Aside from its healing properties for scars, it restores the moisture back on my skin, especially when my skin is dehydrated and dull. I usually use this at nightime only  before going to bed.  I always love the result each time I wake up in the morning:)  

This tool is perfect for applying my liquid foundation. The bristles are super soft and dense. I'm glad that I've tried this one. Now I can apply evenly my foundation easily and messy free. It also gives me the effect of soft airbrushed look. Kudos to Sigma for bringing such good quality makeup brushes with a decent price:) I also have the F82 and the F84.  They're great for mineral powders, highlighting and countouring. I love how these brushes works in so many different useful ways. So versatile and sturdy. You may see more hauls of Sigma brushes  soon. Yay!

4. Coverderm Compact Powder (Normal Skin)

I never heard of this brand until my Korean friend introduces this to me:) She was kind enough to let me try some of her beauty stash including this one. This powder simply surprise me. The texture are so soft and richly pigmented. It doesn't cakey and adds luminosity afterwards. It stays long and love the floral scent. I'm not sure if this locally available but I believe it's available in numerous online beauty shop out there. 


Like my Trilogy Rosehip Oil, these masks helps on restoring back the  moisture  on my skin. 
the Earl Grey Tea set and the Q10's are my favorites:) Laziness is just my opponent of forgetting it to do it sometimes:P But I  promise you, these babies won't dissappoint you except for the Platinum Pearl plus lift Stretch Mask. The serum amounts are not as generous as the Earl Grey Tea and the Q10.

So there you have my top 5 Beauty essentials so far. Do you have something to share with us too?Happy weekend beauties! Stay happy and gorgeous:)


Disclosure: all items purchased by me

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