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Last week ,my korean girl friend surprised me with a sample skincare products from Korea.I really don't have any idea about the product she gave me. She just told me that it was just some samples for me to try on , as she was concerned about my dark circles and forming small spots pigmentation. She's really sweet:) I actually don't want to try on some products which I really don't know that's why I googled the name of the brand and read all the information about it's origin and to my surprised it was been established since 1960's. And I've read many testimonials of different women around the world who have tried the product already. They only have branches in selected countries like USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, China, South Africa,  Hongkong, Saipan, Czeh Republic, Slovakia,Argentina, Guam, Austria,Cambodia, Mongolia, Denmark and Brazil.Wow, meaning the product is really working.  They wouldn't grown far by that if the product is not effective..It's quite interesting, huh. I'll give some time on these products to try on:) Anyway, if you still want to hear more about the Charmzone products, you can read them all here
Here are  the samples of skincare products that  my friend gave me:)

Charmzone   Skin Milk Essence

This product provides convenience and beauty with skin toner, lotion, and essence in one formula. It is very effective on oily skin.
1. Whitens: Persimmon leaf extract whitens the skin so that it appears cleaner and more transparent.
2. Resilience: Cytokines keep the skin healthy and glowing while the MDI-complex slows the skin¡¯s aging process.
3. Moisturizes: Excellent moisturizers replenish the skin¡¯s moisture levels.
4. Tightens pores: Tightens pores and restores your skin¡¯s resilience and smoothness.

Charmzone Midnight Special Cream

The Hive Complex¡¯s rich nutrients and biological anti-aging substances will supply nutrients to your skin. Its skin barrier in a soft & rich type of gel network system will make your skin as soft and smooth as silk. The patented ingredient CRD-1 will have an effect on keeping your skin from losing moisture and protecting it from harmful environments outside. Through a hydrating radicle extract and strong water-holding effect, this product will supply moisture to your skin to make it smoother and brighter.

Charmzone DeAGE CRD Eye-Care System

¡°Youth is visible around the eyes¡±
The sensitive skin around the eyes is liable to appear aged and tired. Maintain your skin feeling moist and refreshed with this system. Various nutritive ingredients, such as red wine, keep the skin around the eyes moist and resilient.
DeAGE CRD Eye Cream :
1. Protects the delicate skin around the eyes.
2. Creates smooth, glowing skin by providing vegetable-based elements.
3. Contains the enhanced moisturizing power to leave the eyes hydrated and smooth.
4. Vitamin E derivatives increase the skin¡¯s resilience.

Have you heard or tried these products? 
What are your experiences? Care to share ?Have a nice day!

**Kisses and Love**



It's out of stock worldwide and now it's back at Sephora Singapore! Everybody's favorite eyeshadow palletes of all times are back in  the shelves of Sephora Counters Singapore:)This is listed on one of my wishlists. Im really wishing to have this before it could get out of stock again!What's in the NAKED which really appeals so much to women? Probably the awesome pigmented colors of it, I guess. Wish ...wish... come true!:)

My Favourite Benefit Make ups

Girl meets Pearl has the greatest  appeal to me. This highlighter gives you an outstanding looks :)I just simply apply this after my application of Benetint lip and cheek stain ( Sorry it wasn't included at the photo) Really gives me a boost!:)Benetint lip and cheek stain is a kind of  liquid blusher and a lip stain at the same time. Sugarbomb blushers also is a cool  blusher :)It has 4  different shades in one box which  has a shimmering effect which I'm loving about:)That Gal is a pinkish brightening  primer. Actually I don't use  a primer. I just love the scent of it. But I've seen some changes on my face after applying this before setting my make up.It has a light pink cream texture which adds a little glow on my face after the application:)I would give A+ for this products:)

So far this is my new collection of  Benefits:)I'm still  lemming to try on for some of their products:) Which one you got? Please share,Have a nice day!


Since I have these break outs on my forehead,I look for other products that will get rid of it. As I was  browsing the net, I  discovered this product from a fellow  beauty blogger Bella Chic  which  I think have the same kind of my skintype and skin problem. And  I've discovered this Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel  and gave it a try .


Skin action sebum Gel  is a phyto bio-engineering formulation gel for all skin types to reduce both blackheads and whiteheads on affected skin area without painful extraction. This daily maintenance gel also reduces  sebum secretion, leaving the skin clear and producing smooth visible results within 10 days of application.


AFTER 13 days of application
The results are significantly visible

It's  a gel type moisturizer  that consist of different kinds of natural herbal plants . Has a mild minty cool sensation that easily absorbs and sinks into my  skin.Doesn't feel sticky at all. I bought this  for RM 159 together with Soothing Hydrating Lotion  (RM79). Yeah it's pricey, but I think its pretty worth  it. In just 13 days of applications, I can see clearly the results of  it

Soothing  Hydrating Lotion has a unique complex lotion consist 14 types of plant extracts to calm sensitive prone skin. It helps to refresh tired skin and replenish skin moisture - spray anytime you wish to. This is a hypoallergenic formulation excellent for all skin types. 

Soothing Hydrating lotion costs me  roughly RM79 for 200ml. It's a  spray bottle and for my face I only need I think 3 to 4 spray each use, so quite saving huh, no need for a cotton or a wipes,just a lil spray , and it quickly absorbs in my skin which makes me feel refreshed and energized.It has a pleasant smelling of herbal scents too which is gentle on  my skin. In Over all opinion, I think these two  combos really helps my skin to clears the break outs plus helping my dry skin to rehydrate again. Definitely will repurchase again. This is recommended for sensitive/combination oily skin.

By the way, I bought  these from a near Cellinique branch in my place.I think they have an online store as well . If you wish to try on these products, you may grab them here 

What products do use for your acne's and blemishes? Anything to share?

kisses and love

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