My Favourite Benefit Make ups

Girl meets Pearl has the greatest  appeal to me. This highlighter gives you an outstanding looks :)I just simply apply this after my application of Benetint lip and cheek stain ( Sorry it wasn't included at the photo) Really gives me a boost!:)Benetint lip and cheek stain is a kind of  liquid blusher and a lip stain at the same time. Sugarbomb blushers also is a cool  blusher :)It has 4  different shades in one box which  has a shimmering effect which I'm loving about:)That Gal is a pinkish brightening  primer. Actually I don't use  a primer. I just love the scent of it. But I've seen some changes on my face after applying this before setting my make up.It has a light pink cream texture which adds a little glow on my face after the application:)I would give A+ for this products:)

So far this is my new collection of  Benefits:)I'm still  lemming to try on for some of their products:) Which one you got? Please share,Have a nice day!


Joseibi said...

I love That Gal too! That and High Beam!!! :)


Fabulous Aimee said...

Hi Joseibi, yeah that Gal is cool:) loving it too!

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