Zumba Class ; Keeping Fit and Healthy

Zumba Dance Class
I joined in zumba class recently as a way of keeping me healthy and fit.  Zumba class is an exciting and fun way of cardio exercises. It is basically a fitness program using primarily Latin dance moves mixed with international beats. Aside from singing, I love dancing as well.  Going into the gym and doing basic exercises like threadmil walking, biking, stretching etc.. really makes me bored.  So the moment that I've discovered that there is a Zumba class near me, I finally  enrolled the program.  I'm on my 3rd session now and so far, I'm really liking it. I also get the chance to meet other ladies who are into fitness by means of dancing too. Our instructor is such a nice lady:) She make sure that each and everyone of us has followed the steps that she's been instructing. She's very approachable, lively and interesting. It's tiring yet beneficial to our body system. Making new friends is a bonus too! What are your ways of keeping fit and healthy? Have you tried Zumba class too?



Penelope_L said...

Yay for zumba. I'm a big fan too. It's such a fun way to keep fit. I was told that apparently you burn tons of calories doing it too - bonus!

Fabulous Aimee said...

So agree with you Penny!:)

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