Did you say shopping? Yes I'm in to that especially during  mid year sales and 
holiday seasons! This holiday season, we spent our Christmas eve in Genting Highlands Malaysia.The kids really had fun !  After staying for almost 3 days there, we jumped out to KL which is about 45 mins drive from Genting. I couldn't help but to roam around and look for something that would make me feel excited about :) and yes I went to Suria KLCC ,trying to look for the item that I'm really dying to have for which is not available in our counters area in our place Johor:/ Guess what it is?


The first time I saw this from the magazine ,  it really wows me and never stop thinking about it! haha, I was indeed rapped to it's beautiful pinky with a mixture of shimmering colours.
I went to look for it at the Lancome counters in JB where I live , but I was disappointed that it was only available in KL Lancome counters.And thought of inquiring it in our neighboring country Singapore, yes they have it but the price is almost double! They are selling at SGD70 which is about RM165 in Malaysia . But in KL it was only RM110. A difference of RM55? Since I knew that we'll be  travelling  to KL,I just waited for that day to purchase it:) (clever thinking,eh?)

 While exploring of KLCC Shopping mall, Shu Uemura Counters seems so inviting and  was so curious to ask the MUA to ask to give me a demo about their famous Cleansing Oil and Deep sea Water Mist Spray . This cleansing oil is simply amazing !  I felt the suppleness and smoothness of my skin. It is a beneficial cleansing oil. Aside from removing your makeup thoroughly,  it has an ingredients formula to fight aging  and dry skin. So I didn't hesitate to  purchased it .  The Deep Sea Water mist was to be use before putting a foundation according to the MUA or just simply use as a refreshing spray .I wasn't actually  suppose to purchase it but when the moment she sprayed it on to my face, I really felt the sudden freshness! The rose scented  really smells divine and so love it!This is a  must have especially to humid places like here. Just  one spray of it and Oh la la, magic refreshness!

That's all for year end 2010 shopping escapades.As we welcome 2011. May this year brings us all good health,happiness and good fortune:) My wish is to have good health so that i can still have more time to spend with my family, more beauty products to keep our beauties preserve :p, and peace on earth!!!What are your wishes for this coming year 2011?Lemmings for your beauty regimen? 



Fiz_876 said...

This is amazing! Great inspiration.You are really very creative! I like the way you posted.Fabulous Aimcc is really fabulous green one is a very nice one. and your new LANCOME LA ROSE DECO looks really new i wanna use it :)

Fabulous Aimee said...

hi hun:) thanks for visiting me:-) Yes I'm still using the green cleansing oil from Shu til now. I have a dry combination skin so far my skin loves it:-)

Fiz_876 said...

NP !! =)) Means i have to start  soon that one ;)

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