Common makeup mistakes and some beauty tips

   Hello gorgeous! Just wanted  to share with you about makeup and some beauty tips that will be helpful especially for the newbies out there, who wish to have more knowledge about makeup. Let me know if you have some additional beauty tips that might want to share as we'll  , let's talk :)


Make up enhances  more the beauty of a person if you will just use the proper way of doing it. You can achieve different looks from dramatic smokey eyes, pretty bold lips and even a "no make up " makeup look.  However, there are several make up mistakes which some women tend to do without even realizing it. The first common mistake is applying too much eyeliner which makes you look like a panda. Women should be aware of selecting the right type of eyeliner which will not easily smudge around your eyes to avoid looking ridiculous in public. There are many types of eyeliner in the market from liquid liner, gel eyeliner and pencil eyeliner.  It is best and safe to use waterproof eyeliner to avoid having a smudged eye.  When doing your brow, don't make it thinner as it looks really unpleasant and absolutely looking old. If you have the time , browse on you tube and there are lots of beauty gurus that will definitely help you how to apply it, and teach how to use the products accordingly. Take your time and practice  really makes it perfect . 



The concealer gives women the luxury in covering up any spots or pimples and makes it less visible. Unfortunately, the huge mistake that women tend to do is lathering too much concealer into a certain area on the face. Applying a heavy amount of concealer on a pimple or wrinkles would not make your attempt of covering it a success but a failure. This is because the concealer will dry up on your face and it will form cracks. This will definitely ruin your look. It is better to just dab a slight layer of concealer and apply some powder on top. Make sure to use a shade that is similar to your skintone to look more natural. If you are looking for under eyes concealer , choose a lightweight  in texture so that it won't fill in the lines.



    Another common mistake which some women tend to overlook is skipping foundation. Foundation is very important when you apply makeup as it holds your look all day long. Foundation is the basic before applying any powder, blusher or eyeliner onto your face. Never skip applying foundation as it allows your makeup to stay perfectly intact the entire day. To avoid dry skin during the day, slap on some moisturizer before applying your makeup. This will gives you extra glow and healthier looking skin. Remember to choose a shade that matches well to your skin tone to look more natural and beautiful. You can always ask and check shades /textures that suits well in your skin type in the counters for higher end brands  or drugstore makeup. However for more convenient and easy shopping , you can always go for online shopping. Check out Zalora Malaysia, it is an online shopping that offers variety of products , from clothing, shoes ,accessories and even beauty products and a lot more!


Don't forget to share your beauty tips and tricks about how you apply your makeup:) let me know your thoughts in the comment box below. Stay pretty, healthy and happy !   Have a nice day and thank you for your time:)


                                                      Fabulously yours,


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