MAC and Sleek Storm Pallete Hauls

Hi pretty ladies, what's up? Sorry for the lack of post cause I'm a bit busy this week and this morning my boy and I went for groceries. I couldn't help myself to refuse to take have a look on MAC's Wonder Woman Collection. So far my eyes didn't catch any gorgeous items from these collections. As I was looking at the SA's face who's trying to convince me on these collections,I've noticed her glowing face and can't refrain to ask her what did she use. She promtly told me that it was the Mineralize Skinfinish Poudre de Definition in Soft and Gentle She even ask me if I'd like to try it on,and ofcourse I'd like to:) I remembered my Benefits Girl Meets Pearl when I saw these from SA's glowing faces . And to tell you, I really like this highlighter much  more than the Benefit 's Girl Meets Pearl I guess. I swear, it's much more perceptible on face, and it is mineralized, love it! So in the end, I went home with this one!hahha,told myself not to buy this time for me though*-* We'll as a token of purchasing Mac's item, they are giving sample of cleanser , but I ask for Strobe cream sample instead. Plus you can take pictures with their Wonder Woman Model:)
Me, my 3 yr old boy  Nam and the lovely Wonder Woman:)
Gosh she looks taller on the pics cause she's wearing a 4 inches Red Boots Plus her Convex hairstyle:)

My new MAC Mineralize Skinfinish highlighter in Soft and Gentle
RM115  ( a bit expensive than US/Canada Value)

SLeek Storm Pallete

And finally , my dupe for the Overrated Urban Decay's Naked Pallete arrived 
this morning. All of them who says how beautiful pigmented neutral colors pallete was this, were true indeed.I think I like this more than the Bad Girl Pallete,cause it's perfectly wearable for everyday looks, while the Bad Girl is more on occasional looks.I love Sleek Make up, the cost is so inexpensive yet they give you a quality satisfaction. Can't wait to try this on:) Do you have any of these items? What's your experience with it? Have a fabulous Day to all:)
Fabulosity Yours, 

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♥PopBlush♥ said...

'Soft and Gentle' is so popular, unfortunately I havent't tried it yet ;/
However, I have MAC MSF in 'By Candlelight' and I really like it! Swatches on 'Soft and Gentle' soon? hehe

Your little boy is so cute :) love that picture, so cute! hehe

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