Beauty Fashion Magazines~ Ray Fall Beauty Special

 I love reading  fashion magazines. I've bought one which I thought of sharing with you "cause I find them helpful and informative about some beauty tips, heath, foods , places and even relationship issues  too! Most of the fashion magazines I have and collects are  Cosmopolitan, Cleo, HerWorld and  Health & Beauty . And now the newest from my collection is the Ray Magazine (Malaysia  & Singapore Edition) RM 9
                                                   And it comes with a freebie! Yay!

The freebie '"Naga Nails"
I"m actually not a nail girl, but I'll  try to wear them (^~*)

Click on the photo to enlarge

These lovely clothes are killing me. I'm planning to  make my own customized dress, and I think these styles are  cool  and can be use as a pattern:) What do you think?

How much do you love the Autumn Season? 

Are you a Beauty Fashion Mags collector too?


Sadee Butt said...

Love those baked blush and nails :)

Fabulous Aimee said...

yah me too I like the baked blush!thanks for dropping by babe!

Popblush said...

Thank you for the mag scans sweetie! I love beauty/style magazines! 

Fabulous Aimee said...

your most welcome sweet!:) How are you?miss u:)

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