Our Family Holiday Trip to Vietnam + Hauls

Hello everyone!  Just wanna share with you our great  fun memories we had spent in Vietnam 3 weeks ago with my family. Since it was my children's school term break,we have decided to visit the place where we used to  live 5 years ago, and a place where my youngest child was born, in Ho chi Minh City (Saigon) Vietnam. Also to get a chance to visit to our  old time good friends there. Vietnam is a beautiful  place . Lifestyle is definitely  cheaper than here in Malaysia, I would say.  I was happy to see that there are quite a lot of changes compared to the time when I was still there. There are  some additional structural buildings and some new exciting places to visit.And I missed the  Food so much! Vietnamese cuisine are one of my favorite food, so tasty and healthy! Love it
Now on to the photos: 
     My excited little boy, so excited to ride in a plane:) 
                        Some temples we passed by while on our way to hotel
Busy vendors in the street 
This is the typical road that you will mostly see in Vietnam streets. Most of the people use motorbikes as their transport service cause Cars are so expensive there. Xe'om is also popular there (motorbike taxi) if you don't own any vehicle and want to have a quick ride , xe'om just scatterreds every corner of the streets ,and ready to serve you.  The minimum fare each ride is around of 20,000- vietnam dong (almost $1usd). so cheap isn't it? But it's so scary..I remember the time I used to ride before :) Some of them drives so fast. 

This is the Notre Dame Cathedral located at the center of Ho Chi Minh City.

And finally reaching  the first  hotel that we've stayed. Look who's  excited:) 
Meeting up with our filipino friends there 

                                                  Strolling around the streets 
Snapping a pose with the  traditional vendors in Vietnam selling crunchy hot waffles  and cupcakes
We also got the chance to meet up again our Vietnamese friends which we haven't seen for almost 5 years. We used to stay in their apartment as well before:) They are so nice and almost like a family to us. They love my son so much:)
from Ho chi minh City we moved to Vung tau which is 3 hours away from the main city. We've passed by the Statue of Jesus Christ (Images kinda look similar to the statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro Brazil) Due to the unpredictable weather in Vung Tau, we missed visiting this place. 
After long 3 hours drive, at last we arrived to the hotel           
This is the view in front of the hotel where we have  stayed in Vungtau
Some exciting foods that we've enjoyed:)Spring rolls, Fresh Coconuts ,Vietnamese tea (Cha dah)
Vietnamese Rice cake
Vietnamese  Pho (Beef noodles with lots of  Veggie herbs leaves)
They also have Tofu's. I dont know what this green veggies called are but they're so yummy, taste like corn  with garlic

This is vietnamese salad rolls, wrappers are made of rice
Would you believe that I've finish eating the food on this plate? hahah, I swear this is oh so yummy! I love how they cooked the chicken, plus a combination of tofu which is my one of my fave food..I had a voracious appetite on that day! haha (^.^)
Their typical coffee,the white one at the bottom is condensed milk topped with their local coffee, it's so sweet! After the coffee has been filtered you can transfer it to a  glass full of ice which will become, iced coffee or Cafe da
One of the street foods in Vietnam, Grilled Egg . They also have another one delicacies which they called Hot Vin Lon (Balut in Philippines)  unfortunately I never seen  any vendor selling it . Hot Vin Lon or Balut is a fertilized duck or chicken embryo and eaten in the shell.It is popularly believed to be an aphrodisiac and considered high Protein hearty snack
We rode in a cable car crossing the mountain 
on the top of the mountain there is some kind of a beautiful park and a Huge Buddha Statue
Making a fun pose with the statues :)
The weather on that day is a kill joy,hehhe, we didn't enjoy strolling around that much because it rains heavily!
Yeah that's me (^,*) Just for fun   I jammed with the vietnamese musicians who perform everynight in the hotel where we are staying in.  Cool huh!:) I really miss performing live on stage:)
and to my surprise, someone gave me a flower with a tip of 100,000 VnD ,wow! I even missed those tips giving! hahah...

After a few days we went back to  Ho Chi Minh Ciy and stayed one more night before we fly back  home. And our last and final stop is at the Continental Saigon. So clean and elegant and the food taste good too!
Delicious foods they serve everyday
I find some vietnamese are born to be artistic, I could see  some vendors in the streets selling this uniquely beautiful greeting cards
         My daughter choose this  design and  bought for 40000Vietnam dong ($2usd)
This is also one of their own local made products purses and handbags , aren't they adorable? :)
 I didn't buy any cosmetics in Vietnam cause I find a bit expensive there , but I was happy to see some added brands like Benefit, Guerlains, MAC, even Japanese and Korean Brands are in the market already. I only bought a hand cream from Crabtree & Evelyn .
One of the things that I  missed doing in Vietnam is pampering myself in a salon Spa. If you're planning to visit Vietnam and would like to experience a relaxing massage , this place is highly recommended. They offer variety of services to choose from with a cheap price yet so relaxing and a great experience. I've spent almost 2 and a half hours to have my sauna bath, body scrubbing, body massage and facial massage with masking of real avocado fruits.. Oh so relaxing!! Guess what how much did I pay for all this services? I paid only 400,000 VNd ( $20 usd) (RM60) Incredibly  cheap!  I wish there's also a kind a Salon Spa here in Malaysia with the same price! That price is only an hour of massage here. Sigh! (^>^)
 My kids and I infront of Ho Chi Minh Statue
Some cute souvenirs for friends I've bought 
Some pair of shoes Ive bought for me and for my daughter.Im looking for a yellow flats to pair with my yellow purse I bought last month, and luckily saw this pretty one from ZARA. Bought all of these for 700,000 VND ($34 USD) (RM105)
My skincare hauls :
I haven't tried any of the Laneige products yet and heard so many raves about some of their items including the water sleeping pack ,so I thought of trying it and  bought two items from Duty free on board.  The Laneige SnowBB creamSPF41 cost (79SGD) for Duo set and the Sleeping Pack is 40SGD. Crabtree &Evelyn (430,000VND) at bought  Parkson HCMC

Still have lots of pictures to share but I think I must end up my post until here:) Thank you so much for taking time to read and stay tuned for more interesting product review post soon and an exciting giveaway! 



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Arpita Mohanty said...

Pictures shows that you enjoyed a lot :) Have fun Aimee <3


Fabulous Aimee said...

Thanks Appy dear:) Yes we did had fun:)Take care always dear!:)

Maxloon Pui said...

The street food looks quite... interesting. Hopefully one day I can try it too^^

Fabulous Aimee said...

Hi Maxloon, Thanks for visiting :) yeah Vietnam is such a beautiful country:)

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Family Holiday Trip with Vietnam and Hauls

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