Shiseido Natural Eyebrow Pencil Reviews

 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  Achieve and maintain perfect brows all day long.Firm pencil precisely draws in individual brows or fills in broad areas.Maintains a just applied look without need for touch up. Brush end blends hairs and pencil for a natural look.Dermatologist tested
  • firm and glides on smoothly to create a natural brow look 
  •  precisely draws and fills in broad areas of your desired shape
  • the shade that I got (BR602 deep brown) matches perfectly to my natural brow color
  • comes with a built in  brush to easily blends out the colour
  • no smearing and long lasting power
  • needs to sharpen once in a while, you may not like if you prefer to use retractable ones

The built in brush
                                               BR602(Deep Brown)  on my brows
Since I have a Rm30 voucher from Shiseido which I got from my Camellia Shiseido Membership points last month, I just top up Rm40 to purchase this one. I prefer to use a pencil type rather than using retractable ones cause I find it  more comfortable to use  and  easily 
 gets  the precise sharpness  of what I want unlike using my previous retractable ones which is fix and easily breaks. It is also firm and glides on smoothly to fills in the broad areas of my  brows and easily creates a natural look with contrasting  shapes of my choice depending on my mood. No smearing and the lasting power is great:) I'm happy that it comes with a built in brush as well, however, I find it  a tad stiff to blend in the edge of my brows, and ending up using an  individual brow& lash Comb brush to complete my flawless and natural brows look.  It's not big deal though' I still like love this eyebrow pencil. Plus the shade I got matches perfectly well with my brow shade.  
Try this one ladies,I'm sure you'll like it too!

AVAILABILITY: All Shiseido Counters, Amazon, Ebay
PRICE: RM70 (Shiseido Malaysia)

   Have you tried this one? What type and brand of eyebrow pencil do you use?Let's talk!

Disclaimer: Products purchase by me.Views and opinions are purely based on my own experience.Please use at your own discretion. For full disclosure policies please read here 


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