Lunasol Watery Makeup Base Reviews

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  Makeup base that leaves the skin bright and translucent with a succulent,light texture.Smoothes over the entire skin and evens out visible pores and uneven surfaces, leaving the skin velvety smooth. Contains beauty essence ingredients.
HOW TO USE:After conditioning the skin with a lotion and emulsion,take up an appropriate amount (1-2 pearl-sized drops)and smooth over the entire face.

  • Brighten ups the face and enhancing the smoothness of the foundation application
  • evens out visible pores and uneven surfaces.
  • watery light in texture which easily absorbs and has a velvety smooth finish
  • contains beauty essence such as witch hazel distillate, marine collagen,and silk protein extract 
  • has SPF 27 properties for UV protection
  • can be use alone with a dab of loose powder on top to create a natural looking flawless look
  • economical,  1 -2 pearl sized drops is enough to smooth it over the entire face

  • due to SPF properties can only use at daytime
  • expensive
  • comes with only one shade which is more on a pinky light shade
Aside from using my silicon makeup base primer , I actually use more often my sunscreen protection as  a base prior to apply  my foundation. I got a chance to use this watery makeup base from Kanebo Lunasol when I was given a sachet sample by a friendly SA named Niki from Jusco Aeon Tebrau Branch. She was nice and generous to give out some samples to try on their products to the customers. My first impression to this product was really flattering. It really  makes a difference using it together with a foundation or even with a BB cream.. It gives me subtle glow finish with it .  I"ve noticed that it covers up and evens out my visible pores as well.  Unlike my silicon base makeup, which is also good, but this one gives me more a  healthy glow look, I would say. Probably because it is a  watery makeup base type which I think really suits well  mostly on dry skin type like my skin. Plus I heard that it contains beauty essence as well such as witch hazel distillate ,marine collagen and the silk protein extract which I really love. Since it was a  Japanese brand, all written from the box was in Kanji and I couldn't read exactly  the full list of the ingredients to inform you. But if you want to know more product details about this brands you can read them all here.
 I was just shocked to know the price was sold at RM120 (approx $38usd)(30g).Wow! (*,*)  Hmmm, but due to its promising and  remarkable result that impressed me.  I had a strong  urge to purchase the full bottle sized despite of its price . Wheeww! And again , thanks to my JCARD , I  still have a few earned points left and finally purchased it! Also I find it so economical to use as well, I'm solved  with 1-2 drops  pearl sized to smooth it out to my entire face.  Downside of it is that , it only has one shade ,kind of a pinky light shades.  I don't know if this will suits on to other skin tones as well.  Also I can obviously wear it during day time only  due to its SPF properties. Sometimes when I'm on a hurry , I just wear it alone after a well prepped skin, with a sweep of my favourite loose powders on top and I'm ready to go! 
AVAILABILITY: All Kanebo Counters

Have you tried using this one? Is there anything better than this? Share to us ladies:)


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Arpita Mohanty said...

Nice review Aimee.... <3

Fabulous Aimee said...

thanks Appy:) kisses

Rinny said...

I haven't tried this myself but it sounds like a great primer/base. I normally don't use a base makeup, but lately the weather has been really hot here so I think it's about time I started using one. This one sounds like it would be perfect for me - I have really dry skin :)

Nickita said...

How much does it cost??? does goa, bangalore or pune have their hubs thr???? reply ASAP

Fabulous Aimee said...

Hi Rinny, yeah this is a must for hot humid places.I;m sure this will work on you as well:) Let me know yif you have tried it:)

Fabulous Aimee said...

Kanebo Watery base makeup cost RM120(approx $38usd) here in Malaysia .

Sahrish Adeel said...

Nice review Aimee...I have this in sample size but it kind of looked cakey on me...

Fabulous Aimee said...

HI Sahrish, thanks for dropping by, so far Im enjoying to use this product. I've notice a diffrence with and without using this primer. So far it didn't look cakey on me , love the consistency it suits well on my dry skin.

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