Collective Hauls for July: Laneige, Kanebo Lunasol, Sigma Professional Kit

Hello Everyone!:) It's been a while since I've made a haul post. I just would like to share some items that I hauled for this month. And guess what? Some of it are in my LUST's lists! Yay! (*.*) Im super HAPPY!!! 

First one that I got is from Laneige:) The Multiberry Sets which was offered last JCARD day at Jusco Aeon for  RM179 for this set. OMG! I love the scent! Smells like a real Yogurt and I almost want to eat it:)lol

Second is from Kanebo Lunasol the 2012 Starter KIT(RM248). It was quite disappointing  that they've modified the Pouch bag which was originally in Color Offwhite ( see  the original set here ) It'll be more fab and great if they didn't replace the pouch from this one. But anyways, I love the color of the palettes, especially the cream blush and the lip gloss. It's in color Orange Coral . Swatches ,reviews and FOTD 's with this collection soon!
And my favorite of them all,  MY SIGMA Make Me Cool Professional KIT . Yay! Finally , just got my hands on them. Really can't decide at first which color to pick 'cause all the colors are gorgeous and so pretty, until ended up with this fab Teal blue color:) Hmm wishing to get the other colors  as well in their travel editions brush kits...Super Soft and will surely enjoy using them:) 
                                                 Aren't they look so adorable? 
Since when did you last haul? Do you have any of these items? Share us your thoughts :)


Disclaimer:Products were purchased by me.Views and opinions are purely base on my experience.Please use at your own discretion.For my full Editorial Policies please read here


Arpita Mohanty said...

Nice haul Aimee....Love the Make me cool brush set.....

ctkirei said...

hi much the Make me cool brush set..sooooo cute!!! :)

Fabulous Aimee said...

hi Appy, thanks! Yes u'll gonna love this brush kits,so pretty and soft.! so excited to use them:-)

Fabulous Aimee said...

hi Ctkirei, this is 109 usd plus shipping in sigma.I do open a spree once in a while,if you`re interested you can join with us:-)

Joyce said...

The laneige products are tempting :D i heard their products smell great just like you said. Hmm my last purchase was from the face shop; their facial massage cream!

keep in touch :)

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Fabulous Aimee said...

HI Joyce,thanks for visiting:) yeah soo like the smell of this laneige mask! and they're doing the job as well!:)

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