Experiencing the TNS Skinlab 's Antipodes " 3 Perfect Potions" Anti-Aging Combination for Perfect Skin

I was been invited by  the  tns Skin lab's Malaysia to try and attest their latest findings on the most  effective  usage of  these "powerful serums" of Antipodes ... Prior in trying the trio combination, I had  first used the two serums already(the Hosanna Intense Hydrating Serum (old version of the new and improved formula of Hosanna H20 Intensive Skin- Plumping Serum) and the Apostle Skin- Brightening and Tone- Correcting Serum)   for about a month before I was been introduced to try to power of the trios. Before I share my  views and opinions about these intriguing products, let me  tell you my thoughts on each of the product. 

Antipodes Organic Hosanna H20Intensive Skin-Plumping Serum/30ml RM138*
TEXTURE: Watery blurry white color

INGREDIENTS: Lavendula angustifolia(lavender)distillate,cyathea medullaris(mamaku black dern) leaf extract, vitis vinifera, (vinanza Grape grapeseed) extract, Naticide (Natural preservative), caprylic/capric triglyceride, xanthum gum, essential oil fragrances of French rose oil and cardamon,:benzyl benzoate, cynamil alcohol,citra citronello, d-limonene,eugenol,farnesol,geraniol,linanool.
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Plump up your skin contour with this water-charged and oil free bio active serum that immediately quenches thirsty skin while helping to intensively improve skin appearance over time. It keeps skin super hydrated, while revolutionary Vinanza Grape antioxidant from New Zealand sauvignon blanc grapes helps powerfully protect and build resistance to damage caused by environmental aggressors and pollutants. Extract of mamaku balck fern helps faster cell renewal,making this an everyday essential item for plump, healthy youthful skin. Perfect for all skin conditions , especially water-deprived.

DAILY RITUAL( How to use)
Apply to face ,neck and decoletage with the lid dropper before your favourite Antipodes Face oil or moisturizer. Use daily for  immediate hydration and the best long-term results.

If you are looking for an instant freshness and hydration, this bottle of goodness is a must try. Every time I apply this on my face, I can feel my skin's thirst!  It immediately sinks in without any feeling of stickiness.  It  has loads of organic ingredients with no harmful preservatives included and a vegetarian society approved. I believe that this product has been revised from the original name "Intense Hydrating Serum" which I had first used and eventually finished the full sized 25ml bottle. I am acne prone skin too, but so far I never had any experience of having  any blemishes or irritation using this.

INGREDIENTS: Persea gratissima(avocado oil) macademia ternifolia (macademia nut)oil, buxus chinensis (jojoba) oil,rosa canina(rosehip )oil, tocopherol(vitamin E),essential oil fragrances of Ylang ylang, sandalwood and jasmine:benzyl benzoate,benzyl salicylate, citronello,d-limonene,farnesol,geraniol,isoeugenol,linalool.
Give a lift to tired, stressed and sun-damaged skin with this nutrient-rich face oil that helps deliver the antioxidants and nourishment essential for fresh, healthy skin. Superior collagen-boosting action of avocado oil helps reduce the appearance of lines, age spots,and scars.Perfect as an essential daily nutrient treatment for skin.Suitable for most skin conditions.

DAILY RITUAL: (How to use)
Apply in gentle upward storkes to yoru face and neck. Pay loving attention to blemishes,lines sun-damage and scars. For as  enhanced nutrient boost use prior to your favourite Antipodes moisturizer.

I'm not really much into oil based skincare product until I've tried the Trilogy's Rosehip Oil(reviews here) which happens to be listed in my HGs beauty list. Never thought that oil based skincare will works on my dry/acne prone  skin type too. However, I've learned and discovered that using an oil based skincare product on my face is kinda' tricky . It seems that I can only use it at night time because I've observed that using it on day time, it  causes me to break out. Perhaps its because I'm living in a tropical country and I'm applying makeup  most of the time. Based on how  it reacts to my skin I personally  conclude that   the best way to include it on my regime is during night time or If I'm gonna use it on daytime, the application would be minimal. I love the fact that it  is made of two  powerful combination of anti-aging  components such as the Avocado and Rosehip Oil. The perfect combination to nourish the skin and reduce the appearance of lines and age spots.  

TEXTURE: Watery Brown color
INGREDIENTS: Aqua (waiwera artesian water)aloe barbadensis(aloe vera) juice extract, cyathea medellaris (mamaku balck fern) leaf extract,gluconolactone,sodium benzoate, amigel(sclerotium gum) vitis vinifera (Oxifend sauvignon blanc and pinot noir grapeseed)extract, xantan gum,vitis vinifera and actindia chinensis (Vinanza Performance plus sauvignon blanc grapeseed and kiwifruit extract.actinidia chinensis (Vinaza Kiwi) fruit pulp extract,rubus idaeus(raspberry) oil, gandoderma lucidum (Reishi mushroom) extract, essential oil fragrances of green apple and cardamon:benzyl alcohol, cinnamal,citral citronelli, geraniol.
A water-based serum to help correct dull, blemished or uneven skin while restoring essential moisture with Waiwera mineral water,voted the world's best water.Scientifically validated Vinanza performance plus helps minimize facial redness and melanin production causing discoloration.Exfoliating enzyme from the superfruit kiwi and soothing Oxifend from red grapes leave skin gloriously glowing while mamaku balck fern and reishi mushroom boost healthy cell renewal for true,fresh-faced beauty.

DAILY RITUAL: (How to Use)
Apply liberallyto face,neck, and decolletage morning and night before your favourite Antipodes mositurizer or Face oil. get best performance from daily use.

One of my skin's concern aside from being dry and hydrated  is the discoloration or having an uneven skin tone. I had a small brown spots at the right of my upper cheeks. So a brightener skincare products  is also an essential to my daily skincare regime.  I'm glad that  I've  tried this one, its effective and the price is way too far from the previous skincare that I've used which is costing almost triple of this product. It is a  water based serum same as with the Hosanna H20 intensive skin-plumping serum that doesn't cause me to break out. 
It helps on correcting dull uneven skintone indeed and has tons of pure powerful  organic plants ingredients:)
The Power of the 3 Perfect PotionsThe  Power of the "Three Perfect Potions"

Antipodes Hosanna H20 Intensive  Skin-Plumping Serum
(Water based Hosanna serum intensely hydrates and plumps up skin,refine pores, increases collagen production by 72%)
Antipodes Apostle Skin Brightening & Tone Correcting Serum
(Water based Apostle serum brightens & evens up skin tone, lightens pigments and reduces inflammation)
Antipodes Divine Face Oil Organic Avocado Oil & Rosehip 
(Light textured Divine Face Oil protects , reduces lines, wrinkles and scars and increases collagen production by 51%)

Application: Mix 2 drops of each of the 3 products in your palm and apply evenly all over the face and neck area, every morning and night.

MY EXPERIENCE :(Using the combination of the 3 Serums or the 3 Perfect Potions)

These trios was instructed to be use by mixing 2 drops of each and apply evenly all over the face and neck area every morning and night. I followed the given instructions and on my  first 2 weeks of my application, yes I do notice the radiance and the difference already, however I've experienced a minimal appearance of blackheads. And I remember that my skin is  incompatible using an oil based product during daytime. So I have to reduce  the mixture of it, instead of 2 drops of the Avocado oil. I  use only one drop of it instead, and the rest of the serums remain as is. And by doing this method, I had no issues on blackhead appearance  anymore, thank goodness!:) Also applying of these 3 serums in one time is a genius. Saving time and works pretty impressing  too!  I can see the visible clarity and the radiance to my skin day by day.  I will let you decide on how these 3 perfect Potions did to my face on the photos below. 

1st photo: Taken last April 31 2012 ( before I started using these products,   
2nd photo: July 31,2012 (3 months after using the 3 perfect potions )
3rd photo: Aug 25, 2012(almost 4 months after using the 3 perfect potions)

In my over all thoughts, yes it was such an another victory product of Antipodes Skincare range. From eye creams , cleanser and serum , my skin is loving you! I believe in this skincare range, you may not distinguish the effectivity instantly  but it will surely delivers  the  job amazingly. 

If you are interested to try this product, I highly suggest you to head over to the 
Tns Skin lab  official Store first and let  the  beauty consultants analyze your skin condition to give you an advise on which product is appropriate  to your skin type. I have a dry/acne prone skin type  and I'm not sure on how this product will react on your skin type too, so just to be safe let the beauty experts help you to find out which product most best suits you. Tns skinlab is generous on giving  product samples too which I love from their store. I love to try the product first if it suits on my skin type. And by doing that I get to know and discover  which one I will purchase on my next visit. So don't be shy on asking product samples. In that way, you will find out if the products suits well on you or not.

I recently visited their store by the way and purchased my second love jar of Antipodes kiwi seed oil eye creams (reviews here)  I have received my Rm20 off voucher as well from participating with their (Retail Experience feedback)I just simply log in to a given website and answered a few questions from their survey. And after a few weeks they have sent me the e voucher via mobile phone for my next purchase. Great deals isn't it?:)

AVAILABILITY: All tns Skin lab Store/Online

Until here my fellow beauties, Have you tried any of these products? If so, Share us your thoughts:)let me know if this works on you as well:)


Disclaimer: Items marked * are press samples . Views and opinions are solely base on my experience. I am not compensated for this review. Please use at your own discretion. For the full list of my Editorial Policies please read here.


Arpita Mohanty said...

can see the difference...Your skin looks so fresh and radiant :)

Buveneswary said...

Antipodes Apostle Skin Brightening & Tone Correcting Serum is tempting :)

Fabulous Aimee said...

Thanks Appy, yes the results are significantly visible. I have also noticed that I have to switch my foundation to one shade fairer :P

Fabulous Aimee said...

Hi dear, thanks for dropping by:) Yes this brightening toner serum really works !

Venuslovesvirgo said...

Beautiful! I guess it's not available in the USA xoxo

Zulhijrah10 said...

nenek aku pakai sabun cuci pakaian ok je

Helen Yong said...

nice review! but which one do u prefer? antipodes divine face oil or trilogy rosehip oil?

Fabulous Aimee said...

thanks babe! hm yah, I'm not sure either if Antipodes can be sold in the USA

Fabulous Aimee said...

Hi Helen, thanks for dropping by, when it comes to scars reducing ,I have proven and tested that the Trilogy rosehip oil works effectively on that, while Antipodes Divine Face oil is great for nourishing skin dehydration and early prevention of aging skin. Hope it helps,let me know if you will try any and how it works on you:) Good luck!

Venuslovesvirgo said...

Thanks. I'll see if I can find more info about it xoxo

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