Encountering Fake sellers of MAC and Benefit on Facebook

Hi everyone! I have something to share with you which will somehow may help you to be  more aware and may take this post as precautions especially when buying items from 
facebook or any other online shops out there. 
I just couldn't believed how some people out there are  shameless to cheat by selling fakes stuffs just to make  money. 

I know it sounds stupid but I have encountered an undesirable experience in online shopping on Facebook. Beware of this seller, she has introduced herself as a staff  member of Benefit Cosmetics  Malaysia and selling items like MAC,  Shiseido and Benefit products. The photos shown from her album are original ones and lusciously inviting with marked down prices. According to her, it was on a clearance sale and so yeah  I was convinced to buy from her . To my surprise, here are the items she has sent me.

 A set of FAKE items! (NOTE:  She displayed the photos of ORIGINAL products on her Facebook album then will send you the FAKE ones!!! tssk tsskk, naughty eh!) First I've noticed, the poor packaging The Benefit blushes are not perfectly fitted to the box.  The Shiseido lipstick in  a "pink" cheap case without the label at the bottom. And the poor packaging of Mac lippie as well.

I have checked each items carefully and  shockingly found out that it was all counterfeited items...
               here's the peeled bottom of the box, written in Japanese? Chinese? Arabic languages?So fakey!

 This is my ORIGINAL Benefit Sugarbomb Blush. I have compared the box with it and here are the photos of the bottom of the box:

 It has a 2 layered sticker with it
If you are familiar with Original Benefit Blushes, first thing you will notice is the scent of it.It has a divine scent to it.

While this FAKE blushes smells like ,I can't even  describe, plastic wax scent?
and look at the  swatches of it , see how chalky it is??! When I blended it  up, it  fades like a dust !

The ridiculous "Mac Wonder Woman lipstick" There was no such "Milan Mode' shade from theWonder Woman collection. And she keep on insisting that this is not fake! There are only four shades from the collection! Read here
According to her, the label was been removed because it was on a  clearance sale and based on their procedures!? LOL! Yeah I brought and reported this at the Shiseido counter. You know what the SA told me? THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED to sell items on Facebook or any other websites because it  is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!  And this Cheap Lippie was Confirmed fake ones! 

 Here are the original packaging of Shiseido Lipsticks from the counter. There's no such pink lipstick case in Shiseido for your information (Since this fake selling scandal happened, there are few people whose asking me and worried about the products they've bought with the same person, if you got pink case like the one she sent me, Its FAKE!)
and here are the original swatches of the  super rich and moisture lipstick of Shiseido

After receiving all these items, I didn't hesitate to contact her to refund my money back, at first she doesn't want  to refund unless she get her stuffs back. Until she finally realized to give  back my money immediately when some of our mutual friends in FB which bought from her as well,  learned from me that her items was fake and they all starts  bugging her. And because of the shame , someone told me that her   account was been deactivated temporarily, now she's back with her monkey business again! Beware ladies! 

Honestly, I dont want to blog about this anymore, but a friend just gives me the courage to do it so that others may be aware of buying stuffs as well  especially when shopping online. Also, if these items will be sent back to her,  she will surely re- sell it again  and will caught a new victim again.

Bargain and promotion prices are really tempting right, but make sure you are dealing with  the right person! That's a lessons I've  learned, I should have not give my full trust easily with this person.

If you are an online seller, one important thing you must keep in mind,   the word Honesty . Please be honest with your customers. If you're happy to sell fake items, then let them know, so that you'll get into trouble. And also, always remember that "You will reap what you sow, whether you've done good or bad" 

So I hope this post may serve as a warning for those of you who likes to shop online like me. Try to research first about the items  and most importantly be  familiarize with the seller's backgrounds. Or better yet,  go and shop directly to the official stores if  possible to avoid any dupes. Take care!

Kisses N' Hugs


Siti said...

wahhh...see..how diffrent the original and the fake one...good job dear.

Fabulous Aimee said...

yes, u 'll definitely figured it out which one is fake and the original.. Thanks and take care dear:)

Mamat_sb said...


muawannabe said...

i bought Dior mascara from the same person u are talking about..not sure whether its ori or fake but when i first got the mascara, i was thinking why is the mascara container is so light..
im not bothered to check whether its ori or not because nanti sakit hati..sighhhh..

Jazmin Hunter said...

WoW that is why I get my stuff from Ulta,Seohora so sad to see this happen to you.

Fabulous Aimee said...

hmm yeah, lucky that I get my money back, and yes from now on , will never get attrated to those online sellers selling cheap prices!:P Thanks babe for dropping by:)have a great day ahead!

Fabulous Aimee said...

ohh, sad to hear that u've been a victim of her too. Lessons learned, anyway bad karma goes to her. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.. take care!:)

Fabulous Aimee said...

thanks mamat dear!

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